Global Studies

Fontbonne’s interdisciplinary approach to its Bachelor of Art in Global Studies echoes the many complex layers that make up the world as a whole. You’ll study geography, economics and international business, as well as religion, history and language.

Our instructors, who share real-world experiences, emphasize the connection between various disciplines, giving you a more complete understanding of the world.

With a global studies major, you’ll be prepared for a career in international affairs, non-governmental organizations, college teaching, politics, journalism or business and beyond.

  • Meet Ahmed

    Meet Ahmed

    This international student decided to switch majors, with big plans to make the world a better place.

    Read his story.

Global Studies Program Highlights

  • Small classes and personal attention
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum, comprehensive education
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Preparation for a career in international affairs, college teaching, politics, journalism or business, grad school or law school
  • Departmental participation in honors curriculum and Fontbonne’s annual Dedicated Semester
  • Opportunities to work with the Bosnian Memory Project collecting and preserving documents and artifacts
  • Opportunities to meet international diplomats, scholars, activists and authors

Recent In-Field Learning Experiences

  • Organizing programs, teaching English at the International Institute
  • Language study in China
  • Language study in Spain

Course Samples

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Global Studies Graduate Successes

  • Many global studies alumni are now studying for advanced degrees.
  • Other graduates have worked with political leaders.

Global Studies Career Opportunities

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