History Minor

Required Courses for the History Minor

A student must successfully complete, at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.

In addition to the courses listed below, a student must complete an additional HST American history elective (3 credits) and 6 credit hours of non-American history elective.


  • HST 103

    Introduction to Western CivilizationI: Prehistory to 17th Century

    3 credits

    Covers prehistory, ancient history (Greece, Rome, Christianity, the Germanic Invasions), medieval history, early modern history (Renaissance and Reformation), and early 17th Century. Considers political, social, economic, cultural, religious and intellectual development of Europe and the West from prehistory to the seventeenth century.

  • HST 104

    Introduction to Western Civilization II: 17th Century to the Present

    3 credits

    Covers 17th century absolutism, the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution and Napoleon, the 19th century (liberalism, socialism, nationalism, imperialism), WW I, democracies between the wars, the dictatorships, WW II, and the period since WW II (Cold War, Decolonization). Considers political, social, economic, cultural, religious, and intellectual development of modern Europe and the West since 1648.

  • HST 105

    Introduction to American History I

    3 credits

    Promotes a better understanding of the multiple origins and development of the United States from the precolonial period through the end of the Civil War, including attention to French, Spanish, and British colonization; the American Revolution; development of the Constitution; the Northwest Ordinances and Louisiana Purchase; slavery and debates over expansion; Indian removal; Jacksonian democracy; the Mexican-American War; and the Civil War. Develops skills of historical thinking through interpretation and analysis of primary and secondary sources. FA

  • HST 106

    Introduction to American History II

    3 credits

    Traces U.S. history from the Reconstruction period to the present day, exploring questions and issues related to government, technology and transportation, women’s roles and rights, race and Civil Rights, immigration, the growth of the consumer economy and mass media, work and labor issues, and war and foreign affairs. Promotes a better understanding of the United States and how it has developed through study of the American past. Covers Reconstruction after the Civil War, Big Business and Reform, the Progressive Era, WW I, the Roaring Twenties, the Depression, WW II, the U.S. since WW II. SP

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