Philosophy Minor

The philosophy minor enhances critical skills, introduces students to important texts, and helps them understand contemporary argumentation and conflicting views in modern thought.

Courses Required for the Philosophy Minor

The minor requires the completion of the following six courses for 18 credit hours.

  • PHL 110

    Introduction to Philosophy

    3 credits

    An invitation to the art of wondering; a course designed to
    help students understand what philosophy is, its aims and
    methods, and to acquaint them with representative issues,
    e.g., God, knowledge, the good.

  • PHL 120

    Introduction to Critical Thinking

    3 credits

    An introduction to critical thought and reasoning and the
    process of induction.

  • PHL 221

    Business Ethics

    3 credits

    A systematic overview of normative ethics and a comprehensive discussion of  contemporary moral issues in a business context. Employs actual case studies drawn from business, as well as readings from a wide range of thinkers.

  • PHL 260

    Contemporary Moral Issues

    3 credits

    An introduction to ethical theories and their application to
    a wide range of issues, e.g., sexuality, abortion, capital
    punishment, affirmative action, euthanasia.

  • PHL 323

    From Existentialism to Modern Philosophical Thought

    3 Credits

    A challenge to traditional thinking about life’s meaning. Pre- and Post- World War II thought from Kierkegaard to Foucault will be explored. Are we born with purpose, or are we the creators of it? This course investigates that which forms the self.

  • HST 366

    Trends That Shaped the Modern World

    3 Credits

    Study of the major political, economic, intellectual, and social developments which characterize the period from the fall of Napoleon I to the beginning of World War I; focus on “isms:” nationalism, liberalism, industrialism, socialism, and imperialism. Applications in the twentieth century.

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