Religion Minor

Required Courses for the Religion Minor

A student must successfully complete, at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.

  • REL 100

    Introduction to Religious Studies

    3 credits

    An introductory course analyzing and describing the
    primary forms of religious expression, e.g., myths, rites,
    symbols, communities, that traditions have in common; a
    study of religion as seeking and responding to what
    humans experience as the holy or ultimate in its
    conceptual, performative, and social dimensions.

  • REL 210

    Hebrew Bible

    3 credits

    An exploration of the rich heritage to be found In the
    Pentateuch, the Histories, the Prophets, and Wisdom
    Literature. An introduction to the many dimensions of
    Scripture scholarship: history of religions, archeology,
    literary criticism, theology.

  • REL 220

    New Testament Studies

    3 credits

    A critical introduction to the Gospels in light of
    contemporary Scripture scholarship; a study of the Christ
    and His teachings.

  • REL 225

    World Religions

    3 credits

    A study of major living faiths other than Christianity: Primal religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, and Judaism.

  • REL 334

    Understanding Christian Faith

    3 credits

    The presentation of major doctrines of Christian faith in
    contemporary terms for reasoning women and men.

Plus one of the following:

  • PHL 260

    Contemporary Moral Issues

    3 credits

    An introduction to ethical theories and their application to
    a wide range of issues, e.g., sexuality, abortion, capital
    punishment, affirmative action, euthanasia.

  • REL 293

    Special Topics

    1-3 credits

    Course offered to supplement regular course listings.

  • REL 340

    Contemporary Theological Issues

    3 credits

    An exploration of contemporary theological questions and
    resources available for answering them.

  • REL 494

    Special Topics

    2-3 credits

    Course offered to supplement regular course listings.

  • REL 490

    Independent Study

    2-3 credits

    Prerequisite: Junior or senior status and permission of

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