University Major - Design Your Own Major

Do you tend to think outside the box? Are you one of those people who just can’t decide between one major or another?

If you don’t want to compartmentalize your goals and plans into just one major, think about developing your own.

For ambitious, driven students, the university major at Fontbonne University allows you to combine two or more areas of study in order to create a unique learning plan designed to meet specific career or graduate school goals. Work with faculty members to develop a path customized to you. You’ll graduate ready to show the world — and future employers — that you have initiative, curiosity and vision.

  • Corinne Wohlford, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

    Corinne Wohlford, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

    "No matter what the combination, self-designed majors are exciting ways for motivated and curious students to make the most of what Fontbonne has to offer."

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  • Meet Krystal

    Meet Krystal

    "I had so many interests as I started college ... The university major allowed me to explore all of those interests."

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University Major Program Highlights

  • Work with an interdisciplinary advisor and faculty in various areas to be sure your plan is sound.
  • Build a major unique to you, with courses from two or more programs.
  • Enjoy the flexibility and wide range of offerings Fontbonne provides.
  • Combine transfer credits into your program.
  • Build relationships and network with faculty and advisors in multiple areas.
  • Consider hundreds of study abroad opportunities available through Fontbonne.
  • Build in internships, practicums, job shadowing and other real-world experience.

University Major Graduate Successes

  • Vice President, the Greitens Group
  • Law school, Vanderbilt University
  • Higher education administration graduate program, University of Missouri-Saint Louis
  • Popular culture graduate program, Bowling Green State University

University Major Career Opportunities

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