Website Development Certificate

The department of mathematics/computer science and the department of fine arts have created a website development certificate that will enable students to learn both how to program and how to design.

Required Courses for the Website Development Certificate

  • ART 115

    Graphic Design I

    3 credits

    This course introduces design elements and principles. Focus will be on composition, typography, color, and imaging, for a variety of media including print and electronic media. Students will explore communicating information through a variety of media

  • ART 202

    Intro to Web Design

    3 credits

    This foundation course focuses on the core components of web design: HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript. Site design and organization, user interaction, accessibility issues will be discussed and applied

  • ART 302

    Web Design II

    3 credits

    Expanding from the introductory course (ART202), the course will focus on delivering  content using responsive (device-independent) techniques. Topics will include client- and server-side scripting, advanced use of CSS, building and using forms, and user interaction.
    Prerequisite. ART 202

  • CIS 115

    Introduction to Server Technology

    1 credit

    An introduction to server technology. Topics include system architecture, file servers, FTP servers, web servers, database servers with an emphasis on server installation and configuration.

  • CIS 215

    Database Fundamentals and Web Server Programming

    3 credits

    An introduction to server technology, database fundamentals and web server programming. Topics include system architecture, file servers, FTP servers, web servers, database servers with an emphasis on server installation and configuration as well as table design and management, creating and using queries and writing programs on the server to support a web site. Prerequisites: CIS 160.

  • CIS 315

    Advanced Server-side Programming

    3 credits

    This course teaches the advanced techniques of serverside programming over the Internet. Topics include using session control, accessing back-end database servers, Ecommerce security issues, interacting with file systems, implementing secure transactions, and using network and protocol functions. Prerequisite: CIS 215.

Plus one of the following two courses

  • CIS 150

    Fundamentals of Programming for Business

    3 credits

    This course introduces programming for solving businessrelated
    application problems. Topics include program
    design, the integrated development environment,
    graphical user interface, data types, control structures, and
    sub/function procedures. Additional topics include
    database programming and exception handling.

  • CIS 160

    Computer Science I

    4 credits

    Emphasis on programming in C and introduction to C++, including structural programming concepts, simple data types and structures, C and C++ syntax, operators, controlstructures and pointers. Lab exercises include techniques of coding, program design, and debugging. Students in this course who are majoring in mathematics, computer science, cyber security or management information science must earn grades of B- or better in this course to progress to CIS 161 and/or CIS 210. Prerequisite: Grades of A- or better in MTH 095, or competency in arithmetic and algebra. For CS, Cyber Security or MIS majors, CIS120 is a pre- or co-requisite.

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