Administration and Economic Development Certificate

The Certificate in Administration and Economic Development offers students the advantage of an additional professional credential that supports employment and advance graduate study opportunities.

Required Courses

  • SWK 100

    Introduction to Social Work

    3 credits

    This course introduces students to the profession of social
    work and its fields of practice. It provides an introduction
    to social work theories, values, and skills and defines how
    generalist social workers use their professional expertise
    to help people solve a variety of problems and improve
    their lives. The history of social work and its linkage to
    social justice
    issues and social welfare policy will be explored.

  • SWK 110

    Human Behavior and the Social Environment

    3 credits

    This course provides students with the knowledge and
    understanding of human behavior and development across
    the lifespan. Emphasis is placed on investigation and
    application of bio-psychosocial and systems theories,
    strengths perspectives, empowerment, and resiliency on
    human development and behavior within the scope of
    generalist social work practice. Attention to dimensions of
    diversity related to culture, race/ethnicity, gender, age,
    religion, ability, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic
    status on human development and behavior are stressed.

  • SWK 380

    Strategies for Evaluating Social Service Programs

    3 credits

    This course will explore research skills and resource
    information that will be useful in conducting program
    evaluations. It will focus on understanding and using
    research and evaluation methods in the interpretation and
    improvement of social work practice. The primary
    purpose of this course is to guide students to the
    knowledge and skills needed to evaluate their own
    practice and the effectiveness of social service programs.
    Students will analyze evaluations of the effectiveness of a
    variety of programs through exercises and case studies.

Choose one of the following:

  • SWK 280

    Fundraising and Grant Writing

    3 credits

    This course focuses on methods of fundraising for nonprofit and social service agencies. Specific course content includes procedures for researching funding opportunities,
    development of a grant proposal, and communication with funders.

  • SWK 361

    Law and Social Work Practice

    3 credits

    Social workers in all fields of practice need to understand how legal issues impact the concerns their clients face. This course will explore common legal issues such as income, food, and shelter; victims of violence; school social work and the law; abuse and neglect; mental health and addiction issues; criminal justice system; and immigrants, refuges and victims of human trafficking. Areas of emphasis will be on the interfacing of social work and the legal system when working with diverse populations.

Choose one of the following:

  • SWK 494

    Financial Asset Capacity Building

    3 Credits
  • SWK 395

    Rural America: People, Policy, and Social Service

    3 credits

    The study of social and economic forces impacting rural
    America. Examination of farm policies, housing,
    education, workforce, aging, health, safety, and poverty.
    Emphasis on the role of federal and state policies and
    social service delivery systems.

Choose one of the following:

  • SWK 480

    Social Service Administration

    3 credits

    This course presents principles and practice of social
    service management. Areas of emphasis include
    environments of social service agencies, planning and
    program design, organizational design, managing human
    resources, supervisory relationship, finances, and program
    Prerequisite: Junior or senior status.

  • SWK 390

    International Social and Economic Development Policy

    3 credits

    This course examines international social and economic
    development issues as they relate to poverty, social
    service practices, and business. Students will discuss and
    understand the social, economic, and cultural factors that
    often pose a challenge to international social service
    practice, globalization, and economic development.

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