Field Education Information and Forms

Fontbonne University’s Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Program revolves around the University’s mission “to serve the dear neighbor without distinction”. This mission drives the social work program and is embedded throughout field education. The Fontbonne Community welcomes you!

Field education is considered the “signature pedagogy” of social work education. During a student’s final year, they will select a social service agency where they will complete an internship in the field of social work. This practicum experience allows students the opportunity to apply their skills outside of the classroom. Students work together with social work staff and faculty to find their placement. Then, trained agency staff serves as field instructors providing supervision, guidance, and feedback to students on-site. Field education is designed to connect the university, the student, field social workers, and social service agencies together in order to support educational development.

The practicum experience is the fundamental foundation of the BSW degree focused on creating competent generalist practice social workers through the application of knowledge, skills and values bridging the classroom with the field. In the field, students will learn to apply relevant social work theories and research while developing and honing their abilities through the quintessential educational experience of practica.

In practica, students are actively learning and are expected to be translational thinkers – applying their classroom knowledge to the field and integrating all aspects of learning. Both the coursework and field enrich the students’ academic experience through their practice sites, field instructors, faculty advisors and department members all contributing and working together to create competent generalist practice social workers. To assure students are capitalizing on all opportunities available through the practicum experience, the program is competency-designed with specific practice behaviors that will be developed and measured through the field experience. Moreover, goals, objectives and competencies of the practica experience have associated practice behaviors that will be evaluated with the practica practice behaviors assessments and formal evaluation process.

Important Field Education Resources

Collaborative for Field Education – The collaborative for field education provides information and free training for field instructors, work professionals, students and those interested in becoming a field instructor.

Database of Approved Practicum Sites – The database of approved practicum sites allows students to search for potential placement sites.

Field education manual (pdf) – The Field Education Manual outlines specific policies and procedures.

Practicum Forms – The practicum forms link is for current students completing their practicum.

For any additional information, please contact:

Mary Kay Sullivan, Administrative Assistant for Social Work, at or 314-719-8004