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NPM 510 Marketing and Communications for Nonprofits
Examines nonprofit marketing and communication tools that drive a nonprofit organization to promote social change. This course explores advocacy, branding, public relations, mediums for message communication, constituency management and mobilization for change. 

NPM 520 Resource Development for Nonprofits
Students will study the principles and practices of traditional philanthropy and the methods of effective fund development. Students will acquire the skills necessary to assess agency fundraising readiness and develop and implement a plan to support the organization’s mission. 

NPM 530 Revenue Streams for Nonprofits
This course will introduce students to diverse nonprofit revenue options that can supplement an organization’s traditional resource/fund development efforts. Students will expand their knowledge of the opportunities that exist for sustainable income and learn which revenue options are most appropriate for various types of organizations.

NPM 540 Fiscal and Legal Management for Nonprofits 
Examines the legislative and administrative regulations that create, impact and control nonprofit organizations. Students will also learn about various compliance issues of contributed funds necessary to maintain a high level of trust with the stakeholders.

NPM 550 Governance, Leadership and Management for Nonprofits
An overview of the roles and responsibilities of governing, leading and managing nonprofit organizations. This course will focus on the best practices of nonprofit leadership specific to organizational size and the assessments necessary to determine organizational structure. 

NPM 560 Strategy, Planning and Program Evaluation for Nonprofits
Examines the development and implementation of a strategic plan by the board and staff. Students will understand the planning cycle and the need for internal and external collaboration. An emphasis will be placed on the importance of program planning and evaluation. 

NPM 570 Nonprofit Operations (3 credit hours)
Operations is the core of nonprofit organizations. In this course, students will understand the functions and impact of day-to-day operations. Various facility issues will be discussed in order to give a broad base understanding of their overall effect in mission delivery.

NPM 580 Applied Nonprofit Management Project
The applied management project is the student’s final project. It integrates the knowledge and skills that students have acquired throughout the program. The project focuses on a practical business problem or opportunity, analyzes the issue and formulates a number of potential solutions. Students select one of the solutions, defend the selection and discuss the implementation of the solution. The project ends with a discussion of the impact of the solution on the organization.

MGT 507 Budgeting and Accounting for Managers 
This course examines the relationship of the accounting and budgeting processes to the organization’s strategic plan and goals, and emphasizes the use of an organization’s accounting information for decision-making. It includes an overview of the basic principles and language of accounting, budgeting process, various analytical techniques used to prepare and evaluate budgets, and ethical considerations in accounting and budgeting. Throughout the course, a managerial viewpoint is stressed.

A student chooses nine hours of elective credit from graduate courses in the following programs: MBA, MM, MSCM or MSA. The electives credits may be used toward completion of a concentration. Note:additional prerequisites may apply to some elective courses.

Curriculum is subject to change.