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MGT 500 Fundamentals of Executive Management
Focuses on the role of the manager and managerial responsibility for planning, decision making, organizing and controlling. Topics include the nature and purpose of organizations; challenges facing modern institutions; development of management systems; the functions, strategies and structures of management; the management of individual and professional priorities; leadership style analysis; and communication processes within groups.  

MGT 502 Organizational Culture & Communication
Examines methods used to guide individuals and groups toward attaining both personal and institutional objectives. By focusing on relationships and communication as they occur in the organizational context, students evaluate social/psychological dynamics within the organization and learn communication techniques that contribute to organizational effectiveness. Topics include conflict management and recognizing and valuing diversity.

MGT 504 Economics and Finance for Non-Financial Managers
An overview of the basic principles and language of economics and finance, focusing on the use and application of economic and financial data for planning, control and decision making. Topics include the business cycle, interest rates, inflation, risk analysis and use of financial ratios.

MGT 507 Budgeting and Accounting for Managers
This course examines the relationship of the accounting and budgeting processes to the organization’s strategic plan and goals and emphasizes the use of an organization’s accounting information for decision-making. It includes an overview of the basic principles and language of accounting, budgeting process, various analytical techniques used to prepare and evaluate budgets and ethical considerations in accounting and budgeting. Throughout the course, a managerial viewpoint is stressed.

MGT 512 Research Evaluation Techniques for Managers
Explores statistical procedures and research techniques used in business settings, focusing on the skills needed to effectively analyze and use business research and statistical data in planning and decision making. Emphasis is on using rather than generating research data.

MGT 518 Business Policy and Strategic Planning
Integrates Management Program coursework and examines the strategic management process. Topics include environmental analysis, industry analysis, competitive dynamics, selection of strategic alternatives and strategy implementation.

MGT 519 Integrative Studies in the Management of Organizations
This capstone course requires students to complete a major project integrating the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the program. The project may focus on a practical business problem or opportunity. Students will analyze the problem or opportunity, formulate a number of potential solutions to the problem, defend the selected solution and discuss the implementation and impact of the solution.

BUS 576 Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
The focus of this course is the management of human resources to obtain a competitive advantage. Specific attention will be directed toward developing and implementing a strategic human resources management program. Topic coverage includes internal and external human resources environments, assessing work and work outcomes, acquiring and developing human resources, compensation and labor relations.

BUS 586 The Social and Legal Environment of Business
This course examines the application of state and federal commercial law to complex disputes involving businesses, their customers, their employees and their communities. The course examines making socially responsible and legally permissible management decisions that balance the concerns and sensitivities of all stakeholders. Emphasis is placed on understanding the legal and ethical implications of decisions and utilizing tools and multiple frameworks for decision making. 

Curriculum is subject to change.