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Management Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Management

Required Course: 3 courses (9 credit hours)

MGT 500 Fundamentals of Executive Management
MGT 502 Organizational Culture & Communication
MGT 507 Budgeting and Accounting for Managers

Elective Courses: any 3 courses (9 credit hours)

BSA 540/BUS 580 The Global Business Environment
BSA 550/BUS 586 The Social and Legal Environment of Business
BSA 560/BUS 587 Ethical Responsibility in Business
MKT 520/BUS 575 Seminar in Marketing Management
MGT 504 Economics and Finance for Non-Financial Managers (PreReq: MGT 507)
MGT 510/BUS 562 Management of Information Technology
       (PreReq: MBA student or senior with permission of instructor)

MGT 515 Project Management
MGT 517 Managing for Quality and Excellence
MGT 525/BUS 576 Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
SCM 540 Supply Chain Management
SCM 550 Material Management
SCM 560 Logistics in the Supply Chain
SCM 570 Lean Principles in the Supply Chain
NPM 510 Marketing and Communication for Nonprofits
NPM 520 Resource Development for Nonprofits (PreReq: May Apply)
NPM 530 Revenue Streams for Nonprofits (PreReq: NPM 515)
NPM 540 The Legal Environment of Nonprofit Organizations