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MAC 520 Financial Accounting & Reporting I
A study of generally accepted accounting principles and recent interpretations of FASB statements and their applications to financial accounting and reporting. Complex issues associated with the development and interpretation of the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows will be studied. Topics related to revenue recognition and valuation of tangible as well as intangible assets will be covered.

MAC 521 Financial Accounting & Reporting II
A continuation of financial accounting and reporting from MAC 520 Financial Accounting & Reporting I. Critical issues involving current liabilities, long term liabilities, leases, stockholders equity and earnings per share will be examined. 

MAC 522 Financial Accounting & Reporting III 
Further study of financial accounting and reporting from MAC 521 Financial Accounting & Reporting II. Contemporary issues involving stock options, pensions, investments, deferred taxes and international accounting will be addressed.  

MAC 530 Business Law for Accountants
Legal issues involving financial accounting, reporting and auditing will be studied. Topics will include securities laws, commercial paper, uniform commercial code, bankruptcy, debtor/creditor relationship, business organizations and selected government regulations.

MAC 540 Federal Income Taxation for Individuals
Concepts of federal income tax laws and their applications to individuals will be covered. Topics include gross income, exclusions, deductions, retirement accounts, depreciation, capital gains and losses, various tax credits and bad debts.

MAC 541 Federal Income Taxation for Business Enterprises 
Concepts of federal income tax laws and their applications to business entities. Coverage includes tax strategies and tax reporting of corporations, corporate distributions, partnerships, S corporations and limited liabilities companies.

MAC 550 Auditing
Professional, technical, legal and ethical aspects of internal and external auditing will be examined. Students will learn evidence gathering procedures, sampling and the preparation of the auditor’s report. Special emphasis will be given to evaluating and implementing internal control procedures. 

MAC 560 Advanced Topics in Management Cost Accounting
The need for accounting information by managers in planning, controlling and making decisions will be studied. Special emphasis will be given to determining cost, analyzing cost and controlling cost.

MAC 570 Accounting Information Systems
A study of the flow of accounting information systems with other information systems. The course integrates student knowledge of financial accounting and cost accounting with computerized information systems. Special emphasis will be given to the analysis, design and auditing of computerized accounting information systems.

MAC 580 Advanced Financial Management
Advanced concepts and issues related to corporate financing will be examined. Topics will include the cost of capital, capital budgeting, working capital, cash flow, capital structure and dividend policy.

MAC 590 Advanced Accounting Theory
Accounting topics related to complex business combinations and nonprofit organizations will be studied. Consolidated financial statements, international financial standards and financially distressed entities will be discussed. Financial reporting for government and non-profit organizations will be examined.

Curriculum is subject to change.