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Requirements & Policies

The following list includes academic regulations specific to the advanced programs in education. Other academic regulations listed in the academic regulations section in the catalog apply to graduate students as well as to undergraduate students.

Things to Know Before Applying to an Advanced Program in Education

  1. Graduate students must have at least 32 hours to graduate with a master's degree.
  2. Graduate students may transfer in a maximum of six (6) hours of graduate work (500 level work) from another institution. However, the last semester coursework must be taken at Fontbonne.
  3. Degree requirements must be completed within six (6) years.
  4. A graduate students must be accepted with degree seeking status within the first 12 (12) hours of graduate coursework. Graduate students are not eligible for financial aid until they reach degree seeking status.
  5. Degree seeking graduate students may take more than the minimum thirty-two (32) hours of credits before graduating with a master's degree.  However, note that ALL graduate coursework counts towards the required minimum 3.0 GPA whether or not the coursework is required for your area of concentrations/certification or is an elective.
  6. Graduate students must maintain "Satisfactory Progress" throughout their graduate program. Grades of "C" and "F" may result in dismissal from the program. Refer to the current catalog on "Satisfactory Progress".
  7. Academic honesty is critical for success as a graduate student. Please see the catalog and every syllabus for details on what this means at Fontbonne University.
  8. Graduate students who choose to graduate with a master's degree in education (MA degree in Education) and decide to return to Fontbonne for additional coursework must note the following:
  • Admission will be as an "unclassifed" graduate student.
  • A student defined as "unclassified" are not eligible for federal financial aid, but are eligible for a 35% alumni discount on additional graduate coursework.
  • Students are not eligible for admissions into the Master of Arts degree in Teaching (MAT). However, MAT candidates are eligible to enroll for the Master of Arts in Education. 


For further information, access the catalog at http://www.fontbonne.edu/academics/academicresources/courseschedulecatalog/.