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Virtual Worlds Certificate

Experience virtual worlds and their potential for delivering world-class education. Forward-thinking educators and business professionals will learn how to take communicating, collaborating and learning beyond the walls of traditional learning environments to an immersive one such as Second Life. Learn how to participate and train others to participate in a virtual world and create virtual environments for educational and training needs. An undergraduate degree in education is not required. The Virtual Worlds in Education Graduate Certificate consists of these courses:

  • CED 515 Computer Applications for Educators (3 hours) *
  • CED 551 Virtual Worlds in Education (3 hours) *
  • CED 552 Creating a Presence in a Virtual World (3 hours)
  • CED 553 An Immersive Experience in a Virtual Learning Community (3 hours)
  • CED 565 The Internet and Education (3 hours)

Graduate Certificates are awarded to those students who maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. In addition, students who wish to continue their study can apply all of their Graduate Certificate in Learning Technologies hours to the Master of Science in Learning Technologies degree.