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Master of Arts in Teaching in Family and Consumer Sciences

You must successfully complete 33 hours of graduate credit and meet all FCS content course requirements for FCS B-12 certification to earn an M.A.T. in Family and Consumer Sciences at Fontbonne University, including:

12 Hours in core courses:
• HES 532 Framing Critical Issues in HES
• HES 533 Advocacy and Public Policy: Addressing a World in Need
• EDU 541 Frameworks for Teaching
• EDU 542 Teacher as Leader

21 Hours in Specialty Courses:
• EDU 500/529 Behavior Management
• EDU 530 Understanding the Diverse Learner
• EDU 531 The Contemporary Classroom
• EDU 550 Reading in the Content Area
• EDU 586 Studies in Disability and Exceptionality
• EDU 597 The Instructional Process
• CED 510 Multidimensional view of Computer Education

Required Content Courses in HES:

·HES 119 Essential Concepts for Health and Fitness

·HES 214 Nutrition and Wellness

·HES 221 Food Science Theory and Application

     (Prequisite: CHM 102)

·HES 230 Infant and Toddler DevelopmentOR

·HES232 The Young Child

·HES 336 Parent Education

·HES 337 Family Relations

·HES 245 Problems in Environmental Design

·HES 266 Management of Family Resources

·BUS 208 Personal Finance

·HES 270 Textiles and Apparel for the Classroom Teacher

·HES 470 Strategies for Professional Practice (FCS Methods)

·HES 472 Program Design and Administration (FCS Curriculum)

·PSY 200 Developmental Psychology

·EDU 451/EDU 461 Student Teaching/Field Experience

Curriculum Guidesheet:

MAT FCS Curr Guide