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What Our Graduate Alumni Are Saying

Our alumni are proud of having graduated from Fontbonne University. Continue reading to hear directly from them about some of their best Fontbonne moments as well as advice they have to offer to incoming students.

"To the entire Communication Science Department, thank you for the opportunity to learn from you all for the excellence with which you teach, for preparing me so well for my future, and for changing my life."
- Leann Carruthers

"Thank you to all of my teachers for providing constructive criticism and timely feedback. Thank you as well for challenging me to be a better student and man for the future. This was a great experience and I will remember it always!"
- Shaun Pekarik

"Thank you Professor John Viser (Teaching: Paraprofessional PathwaysSM) for giving me the belief that I could be a teacher in special education."
- John A. Letsinger

"Deanna (Jent, Theatre), Thank you for being a great teacher, mentor, and friend. I will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for not giving up on me."
- Ann Rapko

"Dr. (Susan) Lenihan (Deaf Education), thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of such an outstanding program. Thanks for all of your encouragement and support. To face challenges and celebrate achievements!"
- Kathy Gallagher

"(Dr. Ruth Irvine, Education), thank you for helping me to obtain my MA in Diverse Learners. You have always been a wealth of knowledge and source of encouragement for me."
- Katie Dunahoo

"(Dr. Janine Duncan, Human Environmental Sciences), you were an amazing teacher who always made me think. Thanks for your endless amounts of encouragement, motivation, and enthusiasm during the last 3.5 years, especially with my research project. I don't think I could have come this far without you!"
- Lindsay Newton

"The overall staff as a whole has been wonderful. Thank you for all that you do. My experience here at Fontbonne has been extremely memorable. Thank you."
- Dana Manley


"(Kathy Schwarting, Education) thank you for allowing me to manage a schedule that worked for me, always encouraging me and going the extra-mile to help me with anything and everything!"
- Jocelyn Kerr

Advice From Our Graduates

"Keep calm! You are in great hands."
- Ashanti Moorehead


"Study hard. Don't procrastinate. Believe in yourself. Look at this as a journey and enjoy the lessons you learn along the way. Socialize with classmates and professors. Network, network!"
- Chauntel J. McGee

"To set priorities and stick to them. Life seems to get in the way of education sometime, and we as adults must find a healthy balance to incorporates education."
- Gwendolyn Wilson

"If you must miss class, communicate it well with your professor. Seek help in the learning center if you don't understand - they're great!"
- Jennifer Moss

"In today's fast-paced society, where there is never enough time in the day, proper time management and planning is essential to succeeding in higher education. All of us have family, friends and other extra-curricular activities that consume our time. Be prepared, plan out enough time to get assignments done and most of all enjoy the experience."
- Shaun Pekarik

"Dedication; dedication; dedication; manage your time wisely; never be afraid to ask for help; most importantly enjoy the ride and have fun because it will be over faster than you know."
- Shay Danrich


"Ask many questions, don't feel afraid not to speak up and enjoy your learning. Fontbonne has a great program."
- Deanna Davis

"Take the time to talk to your advisors, they have a wealth of knowledge. Back up your files - just in case."
- Elizabeth Bundy

"Communicate with your professors, they want you to succeed."
- John A. Letsinger


"You will be presented with a myriad of opportunities to learn and grow. Take advantage of each of them. Face each challenge and celebrate each achievement with a grateful heart."
- Kathy Gallagher

"Your time at Fontbonne will go fast, so try to take it slow. Enjoy your time and your learning experience - don't just do things to get them done. It's amazing that when you really reflect, so many things from school directly relate to your career, life, everything!"
- Lindsay Newton

"Use your resources. The professors are here to help you! Find a balance of work/study and life, keep it light hearted, but motivated! Every moment is a learning experience."
- Maureen Burkard


"Fontbonne U is the best school ever. I recommend this school for new Art students, they are going to learn a lot and have a good experience."
- Samah Flimban