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Mathematics: List of more specific search terms, links to titles.

Mathematics - Study and Teaching: List of more specific search terms, links to titles.

Background Information

Access Science: This electronic reference source provides fully searchable full-text content from McGraw-Hill's Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, research updates, definitions, multi-media, illustrations, graphics and biographies.

Britannica Online Academic Edition:This reference source provides full-text documents, facts & figures, video and images, timelines, world data, world atlas and a gateway to the classics.

For Articles

Academic Search

  • This EBSCO database contains a periodical index providing access to over 12,500 journals (8,500 in full-text).
  • Subjects: Numerous areas of academic study including science, ethnic & multicultural studies, mathematics, psychology, religion and women's studies.

JSTOR (Arts & Science I-IV)

  • This archival database contains the full-text of scholarly journals from volume 1, issue 1 of each title along with previous and related titles. The most recently published issues (past 3-5 years) are generally not available; however, current issues for 150 journals are included.
  • Subjects: Science, ethnic & multicultural studies, business, law, mathematics, language & literature, psychology, religion and women's studies


  • Link to National Council of Teachers of Mathematics website. Index of journals like Teaching Children Mathematics. Once you have found a citation, come to the Library to get the full-text.


Biographies of Women in Mathematics: Women in math and science, as well as other distinguished women, arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

Dynamical Systems and Technology Project: Resources and interactive papers designed to help teachers and students understand the mathematics behind such topics as iteration, fractals, iterated function systems (the chaos game), and the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

The Living Mathematics Project: Interactive tools, puzzles and projects focused on various aspects of mathematics.

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive: Math in various cultures and subjects, famous curves, mathematician of the day, historical and biographical mathematic information.

Math Archives: Algebra, trig, calculus, lesson plans, games, contests and competitions, refereed journals, professional societies, software and numerous links to other math and science sites.

The Math Forum: Online resource for improving mathematics teaching and learning, separated into mathematics topics, resource types, education topics and education levels.

MathVids: Learn math at your own speed with these tutorials and videos.

Plus Magazine: Full-text articles, blogs, podcasts, news, puzzles, and reviews from top mathematicians and science writers.

The Prime PagesPrime number research, records and resources.

The Spanky Fractal Database: A collection of fractals and fractal related material freely available on the Internet.

Thinkquest's Math Page: Projects by students for students.

Wolfram Web Resources: Downloads, references and resources to bring mathematics to life. Be sure to check out the Demonstrations link and the Mathworld link.

Websites for Mathematics Education

Convergence: An online magazine where Mathematics, History and Teaching intersect.

CorePlus Mathematics: Free download of tools - includes a utility grapher, interactive geometry software and other fun-to-use mathematics items.

llluminations: Activities that help math come alive in the classroom and at home, by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; includes lessons, Standards and lots of web links.

Literature for Science & Mathematics K-12: Search by title, author or topic for outstanding science & math literature for children and adolescents.

MathTools: A community library of technology tools, lessons, activities, and support materials for teaching and learning mathematics.

NCTM E-resources: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics resources for all grade levels. Lots of resources for the new math teacher.

PBS.org Math Resources: Games and activities using mathematics divided by grade level.