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Biology for Secondary Education (BS)

Like our biology major, Fontbonne's major in biology for secondary education provides a strong foundation in biology, chemistry and physics, in addition to providing the necessary instruction to prepare you for a rewarding career teaching at the high school level. As a biology for secondary education major, you will take core biology, chemistry, math and physics courses, as well as a critical block of education courses. You will master planning, behavior management, instruction and student teaching while focused on scientific content.

Biology for Seconday Education Program Highlights

  • Core academic foundation in biology
  • Classroom experience through observation and student teaching
  • Renovated biology, chemistry, and physics laboratories
  • State-of-the-art greenhouse

Recent Biology for Secondary Education Program Success Stories

  • Recent graduates are teaching locally at the Oakville and Lindberg districts, as well as districts as far away as Michigan.

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