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Marketing Minor

Marketing Minor 

Required Courses: (9 credits)

MKT 210/BUS 233 Marketing Principles
MKT 340/BUS 357 Consumer Behavior (PreReq: MKT 210/BUS 233)
MKT 410/BUS 369 Marketing Research (PreReq: MKT 210/BUS 233)

Marketing Electives - choose three: (9 credits)

ADV 325 Social Media Management (PreReq: MKT 210/BUS 233)
COM 250 Public Relations (PreReq: COM 103; ENG 101)
COM 260 Introduction to Mass Media
MKT 310/BUS 334 Retail Management (PreReq: MKT 210/BUS 233)
MKT 320/BUS 336 Advertising Principles (PreReq: MKT 210/BUS 233)
MKT 330/BUS 356 Principles of Selling (PreReq: MKT 210/BUS 233)
MKT 360/BUS 359 Industrial/Organizational Marketing (PreReq: MKT 210/BUS 233)
MKT 420/BUS 350 International Marketing (PreReq: MKT 210/BUS 233; BSA 310/BUS 325)

MKT 430/BUS 377 Case Studies/Readings in Marketing (PreReq: MKT 210/BUS 233)
SPT 350 Sports Marketing (PreReq: SPT 101; MKT 210/BUS 233)

A student must successfully complete, at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.