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Literary Studies Major

Like a traditional English degree, Fontbonne University’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Literary Studies emphasizes the in-depth study of literature through critical analysis and exploration of theory and history. Literary studies majors are critical thinkers who study literature, language and culture as a means of understanding individual experience and society as a whole. Because our program emphasizes interpretation, discussion, reflection and writing, our students develop skills that are valuable in a variety of professions ranging from business to teaching.

Critical awareness of the world and adeptness in oral and written communication provide literary studies majors with a lasting basis for professional success and a fulfilling life. This program promotes academic excellence and the ability to apply understanding in the larger world. Dynamic classes, a growing department and the success of our alumni in a wide variety of fields demonstrate the relevance of our programs to a diverse and changing society.

Why Literary Studies with Fontbonne?

Simply put, you’ll grow at Fontbonne. You’ll enjoy small class sizes in a community that encourages participation, inclusion and discussion between you and your professors and fellow students. In this student-centered environment, you can gain confidence, discover your potential and pursue your goals.

Fontbonne’s literary studies degree grounds students in literary tradition and the varied practices of literary analysis, but beyond any particular author, work or theme explored, coursework in literary studies encourages students to develop sophisticated practices of inquiry and critical thought, crucial to success in graduate school or any workplace.

At Fontbonne, you don’t have to wait until your junior or senior year to get involved. Students may join the staff of the Fontbanner, the student newspaper, and Chiasma, our literary magazine. Literary studies majors can join Sigma Tau Delta, the national honor society that provides opportunities to compete for scholarships and participate in regional and national conferences.

What Can I Do with My Degree?

By cultivating focus and commitment, the literary studies degree program prepares graduates to take on complicated problems and chart courses to solutions, coming up with unique methods and approaches, and developing the drive and persistence necessary to produce original insights. A major in literary studies is excellent preparation for graduate study in the humanities or for careers in communications, business, law and government, among other fields. Our graduates could become professors, reporters, graduate students, lawyers, public relations professionals, writers, editors, teachers and more.

The ability to read, comprehend and communicate ideas is essential to any career, and literary studies majors are attractive to employers because they can adapt and learn quickly. This degree program preserves the traditions of the liberal arts while providing a foundation to support a range of professional pursuits.

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