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History Degree

Without an understanding of the past, the present doesn’t make much sense. A degree in history helps you to know, understand and interpret the past and its implications for today. History majors have an appreciation of how cultures and countries have developed. They possess the tools for dealing with many of the complex problems and issues of modern society.

At Fontbonne, you’ll look at events, ideas, religions and laws to gain a better understanding of the values and beliefs that people have adopted throughout time. Just look at today’s headlines — conflict, technological advances, elections — and you’ll see examples of how history can shine a very revealing light.

And, according to The American Historical Association, studying history builds identity, contributes to moral understanding, and is useful in creating well-rounded business people, professionals and political leaders. Our students are explorers and teachers who delve into the excitement and challenges of the past and relate them to the present.

Why Fontbonne?

Fontbonne provides a broad background in both Western and non-Western history as well as geography, government, sociology, psychology and American economy.

And our students have choices. You can either earn a degree in history or choose a degree in history with a secondary teaching certification in social studies, which allows you to teach at the high school level. If you decide to earn your teacher certification, you must complete required professional education courses including fun and challenging pre-student teaching experiences. Plus, we’ll help you find internships with real-world experience that not only give you an edge in the job market, but also help you discover your career path.

What Can I Do With My History Degree?

The history program provides a strong foundation for any number of careers or graduate programs. In addition to teaching, our students can find work as museum curators, researchers, journalists, archivists, government professionals, public relations specialists, foreign service officers, attorneys or business people. One of our history graduates is currently in Africa with the Peace Corps. And if you want to continue on to graduate school, history is a perfect foundation for a variety of disciplines, including law and public policy.

Our Commitment

Fontbonne University is dedicated to providing students with a strong foundation in the liberal arts. Through our core curriculum, students learn how to think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively. No matter what career path you choose, an education from Fontbonne will give you the tools to succeed in both work and life.

How Can I Find Out More?

Fill out a contact form to request more information about this degree.

Contact Admissions:
(314) 889-1400 or 1-800-205-5862

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