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Applied Mathematics Minor

The Applied Mathematics Minor provides students in other disciplines with a solid foundation in mathematics. A student must successfully complete at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.

Courses Required for the Minor in Applied Mathematics

MTH 120 Discrete Mathematics I (3 credits)
MTH 150 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (4 credits)
MTH 151 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (4 credits)
Plus one of the following two courses
MTH 115 Introduction to Statistics (3 credits)
MTH 125 Biostatistics (3 credits)
Plus two of the following six courses
MTH 300 Modeling and Numerical Approximation (3 credits)
MTH 315 Advanced Statistics (3 credits)
MTH 316 Non-Parametric Statistics (3 credits)
MTH 320 Elements of Geometry (3 credits)
MTH 325 Theory and Applications of Probability (3 credits)
MTH 430 Algebraic Structures(3 hours)