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Website Development Certificate

The department of Mathematics/Computer Science and the Fine Arts department have created a new Website Development Certificate that will enable students to learn how to program and how to design all in one course.

Website Development Certificate - Required Courses:

The certificate in Website Development requires the following courses, which total 18 hours:

ART 115 Graphics Design I 3 credits
ART 302 Designing for the Web 3 credits
ART 402 Designing for the Web (Advanced) 3 credits
CIS 115 Introduction to Server Technology 1 credit
CIS 150 Fundamentals of Programming for Business 3 credits
CIS 215 Database Fundamentals and SSP (Server-Side Programming) 2 credits
CIS 315 Advanced SSP (Server-Side Programming) 3 credits

Need more information?

Please contact Jim Ma in the Mathematics/Computer Science department (314) 719-8035 or Mark Douglas in the Fine Arts department (314) 719-8055.

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