Evening/Online Tuition and Fees

We recognize that the investment in a college education is a sacrifice for most students and families. We think you’ll find a Fontbonne education to be well worth the effort. Fontbonne’s tuition and fees remain very competitive with other comparable private institutions in the region.

In order to make things more affordable, you have a variety of financial aid tools and other various ways to reduce your educational expenses, including federal and state funds received by many students.

As always, it remains our goal to help you attain your academic and career objectives by providing high quality Academic Programs and co-curricular activities in a supportive, student-centered environment.

Evening/Online Tuition for 2017-2018

Undergraduate Tuition
1-11 credit hours per semester Spring and Fall $671 per credit hour
12-18 credit hours per semester Spring and Fall $12,550 per semester *
19+ credit hours per semester Spring and Fall $12,550 per semester,
plus $671 per credit hour above 18 credits
All undergraduate students Summer $442 per credit hour
Graduate Tuition
All graduate students Spring, Summer, Fall $728 per credit hour
Doctoral Tuition
All doctoral students Spring, Summer, Fall $850 per credit hour

These are tuition rates for the 2017/2018 academic year and are subject to change without notice.

*Students enrolling at Fontbonne University for the first time and registering for 12 credit hours per semester are considered full time, and will pay the full-time tuition rate and be eligible for scholarships and need-based consideration, but will not be eligible for a tuition discount.

Corporate partners are eligible for tuition discounts if taking 11 credit hours or less per semester.

Students must register for a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester to be eligible for financial aid.

Student Fees

Late Fee $25 per month
Returned Check Fee $25
Registration Fee* $50
Parking Permit* $150 per year
$90 per semester
Graduation Fee $75
Resource Fees
(includes IT and library fees)
$18 per credit hour
(max $180 per semester)
(Business majors)
BUS Components Assessment
(in capstone)

*These fees are non-refundable except where prohibited by law, parking permit fees are reduced for students taking 6 credit hours or less per year.

There may be other course specific fees. Please refer to class schedule.

Financial Aid

Visit www.fafsa.ed.gov and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Use Fontbonne’s code 002464.

Your application will be reviewed by the Financial Aid department before admission may be considered. Most students will need to complete additional forms for financial aid before aid may be awarded.

Additional Information

To register for classes, a student must submit all financial aid documents necessary or have a financial agreement and payment plan on file with the Business Office.

Books: Students are expected to have their books at the start of each course. Registered students using financial aid may inquire with the Business Office to see if they qualify for a book voucher.

Contact Us

Questions? Contact our Office of Graduate Admission and Professional Studies: 314-889-1400 | fbyou@fontbonne.edu

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