Bachelor of Social Work
2 + 2 Agreement with East Central Community College

Through the 2+2 partnership program with Fontbonne, once you earn your Associate of Arts in Pre-Social Work from East Central Community College. you can move seamlessly toward earning a Bachelor of Social Work from Fontbonne.

We understand the needs of transfer students — in fact 50 percent of our traditional undergraduate students have transferred from other schools.

And we take a personalized approach to evaluating transfer credits, course selection, financial aid and making sure you get settled in, whether you stay on campus or are a commuter student.

  • Meet Kelly

    Meet Kelly

    Transferring from East Central to Fontbonne was a great decision for this Washington, Mo. native.

    Learn more about her experience.

About the Program

The Fontbonne social work program is newly accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and utilizes the most current knowledge, values and skills in social work education and professional practice.

The program’s generalist practice emphasis prepares students to become ethical professionals with the knowledge and skills to support social and economic justice as they serve and strengthen individuals, families and communities. The social work program combines classroom experiences, designed to lay the foundation for a lifetime of knowledge, with field work, opportunities for student to apply that knowledge in a real world environment.

Required Courses at Fontbonne University

SWK 110 Human Behaviors in the Social Environment
SWK 200 Social & Economic Justice
SWK 250 Generalist Practice I
SWK 270 Spirituality & Professional Practice
SWK 300 Social Issues & Social Welfare Policy
SWK 350 Generalist Practice II
SWK 351 Generalist Practice III
SWK 370 Research for Social Work Practice
SWK 381 Etiquette for the Social Work Profession
SWK 400 Professional Synthesis
SWK 450 Field Education I
SWK 451 Field Education II
SWK 455 Field Education Seminar I
SWK 456 Field Education Seminar II

Professional Practice Courses (12 hours)

Electives (7 hours)