B.S. in Computer Science
2 + 2 Agreement with St. Charles Community College

Through the 2+2 partnership program with Fontbonne, once you earn your A.S. in Programming from St. Charles Community College, you can move seamlessly toward earning a B.S. in Computer Science from Fontbonne.

We understand the needs of transfer students — in fact 50 percent of our traditional undergraduate students have transferred from other schools.

And we take a personalized approach to evaluating transfer credits, course selection, financial aid and making sure you get settled in, whether you stay on campus or are a commuter student.

About the Program

At Fontbonne, as you work toward a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, you will receive a solid foundation in computer theory, programming languages, operating systems, and software development. You will learn about hardware structure, robotics, data management, software engineering, mobile apps, telecommunications and networking, all while working with state-of-the-art technology in our dedicated labs. Employers are actively seeking graduates who have these problem-solving and communication skills.

  • Enjoy small class sizes and get all of the personal attention you deserve.
  • Work with faculty as teachers, mentors and research partners.
  • Intern with major St. Louis companies such as Anheuser-Busch/InBev and Express Scripts.
  • Earn a web development certificate.
  • Explore robotics and mobile app programming.
  • Pursue a concentration in cyber security.
  • Earn a dual degree in computer science and engineering through Fontbonne’s agreements with the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Washington University in St. Louis.


Required Courses at Fontbonne University

Required Courses:
MTH 120 Discrete Mathematics (3 credit hours)
MTH 200 Linear Algebra (3 credit hours)
MTH 430 Algebraic Structures (3 credit hours)
CIS 310 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language (3 credit hours)
CIS 340 Concepts of Telecommunications and Networking (3 credit hours)
CIS 350 Compiling Theory and Programming Languages (3 credit hours)
CIS 355 Principles of Operating Systems (3 credit hours)
CIS 499 Senior Project (3 credit hours)

Three major electives chosen from the following:
CIS 300 Modeling and Numerical Approximation (3 credit hours)
CIS 330 Database Management Systems (3 credit hours)
CIS 360 Artificial Intelligence (3 credit hours)
CIS 365 Robotics (3 credit hours)
CIS 372 Android Programming or CIS 373 iOS Programming (not both) (3 credit hours)
CIS 475 Software Engineering II (3 credit hours)

At most one of the three electives may be chosen from among the following five courses:
CIS 394 Topics in Computer Science (1-4 credit hours)
CIS 480 Research in Computer Science (1-4 credit hours)
CIS 484 Internship in Computer Science (1-4 credit hours)
CIS 490 Independent Study (1-4 credit hours)
CIS 494 Advanced Topics in Computer Science (1-4 credit hours)

Additional Courses to be taken at Fontbonne
Mission Core (MC) II (BIO 203 or PHL 221 fulfills both MC II and WI)
Writing Intensive (WI) (BIO 203 or PHL 221 fulfills both MC II and WI)
GOV 101 (1credit hour)
INT 199 (1 credit hour)
Two additional General Education courses from among the categories of: Literature, Philosophy, Life or Physical Science
12 credit hours of electives

Contact Us

To learn more about the corresponding courses between your school and Fontbonne, contact a transfer admissions counselor at 1-800-205-5862 or transfer@fontbonne.edu.