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Fontbonne University Evening/Online Program FAQ

  1. Is the program accredited?
    Fontbonne University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. (www.ncahl.org, 312-263-0456) 
  2. Do you allow me to transfer in any credits?
    Yes, we do. You may transfer in at most six credit hours of previous graduate work taken prior to admission from an accredited college or university with these stipulations: it must be equivalent to a specific Master of Management or Master of Science in Supply Chain Management course with a letter grade of “A” or “B” and have been completed within the last six (6) years prior to entry into the evening/online program.
  3. How much time does one course take?
    Each student is an individual and the amount of time spent varies from person-to-person and from course-to-course. Some coursework will be more straightforward for you, while some will be more demanding. However, you can anticipate spending roughly 20 hours per week doing a variety of activities.
  4. How long will it take me to complete the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management or Master of Management degree?
    If you enroll for two courses at a time, the minimum time required to complete either degree is about 12 to 14 months, respectively. However, enrolling for one course at a time, withdrawing from courses, and needing prerequisite requirements will lengthen degree completion time.
  5. What is the difference between a Master of Management and an MBA?
    The MM focuses more on qualitative skills in the areas of management and supervision, compared to an MBA's quantitative focus on accounting, finance, and statistics. The MM also concentrates more on the internal business functions of an organization with students learning how to read and understand financial reports, while an MBA has a broader external focus and students learn to prepare financial reports.
  6. Can I be accepted in either degree program if I do not have an undergraduate degree in business?
    Yes. Students in both business programs come from many different academic disciplines, as well as a myriad of industries, occupations, and work backgrounds. You'll be interacting with and learning from other adults and their areas of expertise.
  7. Are there any prerequisites for the program?
    Due to the qualitative nature of the Master of Management, there are no prerequisites. The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management has three undergraduate business prerequisites that can be completed online at Fontbonne University, and the graduate certificate in supply chain management has five prerequisites.
  8. Can I combine evening and online formats?
    Please review the Evening/Online program chart for an overview of how each program is currently offered. Several programs are offered in several formats. If your preferences or lifestyle changes, your advisor can assist you in withdrawing from one format and enrolling in the other.
  9. How do I apply?
    You need to complete the online application, the application fee and request your transcripts. If you will be applying for federal aid, you will need to complete the required financial aid forms. After you are admitted, the final step will be completing your one-time registration for the online degree program. For more information, visit the Evening/Online Application process.
  10. What hardware and software do I need?
    You certainly need your own computer and it should be convenient to use. For, example, it would be difficult to take an online course and only have a computer available for use at work. For most courses you should have Word, PowerPoint and Excel within the MS Office suite.
  11. How do I contact my instructor?
    There are several ways to contact your instructor. You can e-mail your instructor through the Communications tab in Blackboard; you can refer to the supplemental statement for the course for your instructor’s contact information; or you can contact your academic advisor to get your instructor’s contact information.
  12. What are our instructors’ credentials?
    Instructors in the Evening/Online degree programs are professionally and academically qualified, generally bringing a minimum of a masters degree and three years related experience to the classroom. This business experience allows our instructors to provide unique insight into the application of the theories you will be learning and bring real world experience into the classroom.
  13. Will I have an advisor?
    Yes. Upon admission, you will be assigned an advisor and that advisor will be your main point of contact. He or she can assist you with questions about your core courses, registration, changes or additions to your schedule, and course withdrawals.
  14. Is there a listing of the most frequently called numbers? For example, the telephone number for the technology help desk, the telephone number for the business office, the telephone number for Financial aid services, etc.
    Yes, these telephone numbers are listed in the campus directory.
  15. If I needed quick contact information what number would I use?
    The Fontbonne University Toll-Free number is 800.205.5862 x3. You can call this number and the operator will direct your call.