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Student Profile: Kelley Eversgerd

: Kelley Eversgerd 

Degree Program: Master of Arts in Teaching, Family and Consumer Science

Kelley Eversgerd was working as a costume designer at St. Louis Community College when she decided to get her master’s degree. After considering a master’s in theatre, she quickly realized this was no longer the job track she wished to be on. She heard that Fontbonne University’s staff was very supportive of students who were working full-time while getting their master’s and decided to see what the university had to offer. When she heard about the Human Environmental Sciences program with an emphasis in Family and Consumer Science, Eversgerd happily enrolled.

“Fontbonne instilled in me the importance of being a lifelong learner.  I will continue to take classes, participate in professional development and be a reflective practitioner for the rest of my life no matter where my career takes me.”

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