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Student Profile: Tina Schultz

: Tina Schultz

Degree Program: Master of Arts in Teaching

Unhappy in her career in advertising, Tina Schultz decided to volunteer at Junior Achievement so she could work with children. It didn’t take many volunteer hours for her to realize she wanted to become a teacher.

Schultz had heard about the impressive reputation of Fontbonne’s education department and learned that their Master of Arts in Teaching program was designed specifically for those with a bachelor's degree outside of the education field. When she visited campus, she couldn’t believe how friendly and helpful everyone was. She knew she’d have a great support system at Fontbonne, and so she enrolled in the master’s program. Schultz feels that Fontbonne has prepared her well for her future career as a teacher and looks forward to having a classroom of her own.

“Fontbonne provides such a close community. I have formed relationships here that will be beneficial throughout my professional teaching career. And the faculty goes above and beyond to ensure their information is current, their students are happy and successful, and their programs turn out highly skilled educators. There is a real sense that everyone is working toward a shared goal and that each person is an integral part of that team.”