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Student Profile: Trish Schodrowski

: Trish Schodrowski

Degree Program: Master of Arts in Human Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Multidisciplinary Health Communication Studies

Trish Schodrowski enrolled in Fontbonne University’s Human Environmental Sciences master’s program after earning her bachelor's from Fontbonne. The graduate program had recently started offering a degree in Multidisciplinary Health Communication Studies. This concentration was perfect for Trish who would like to be involved in preparing and distributing vital health messages so that everyone has the information they need to reach their wellness goals. With the supportive community, relevant curriculum and outstanding faculty, Fontbonne was the perfect place for Trish to continue and enhance her education.

“I like that Fontbonne University is a smaller school. The students get to know each other and the faculty very well. And, the faculty is very knowledgeable. Each professor brings a ton of experience to the classroom, so subjects that would otherwise be challenging (like statistics!) were fun and interactive. They even helped me see how toapply the concepts outside of the classroom.”

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