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Meet the Geeks Agenda

Introduction of the new Bioinformatics degree offered by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and overview of other majors offered by the Department.

Introduction of the new One Health Certificate offered by the Department of Biological/Physical Sciences and overview of majors offered by the Department.

Meet the Geeks – Our panel of successful graduates from the Department of Mathematics/Computer Science and from the Department of Biological/Physical Sciences. (See the listing below.)

Admissions Information and Questions

Our Panelists (The Geeks)

Paul Blum B.S. Computer Science Program
Manager at Boeing
Scott Borcherding B.S. Mathematics for Secondary Education
High School Math Teacher and Coach at Hazelwood West High School
Mike Brueggenjohann B.S. Mathematics for Secondary Education
Vice President of California Custom Decks
Joy Crum B.S. Biology (Biotechnology Concentration)
Associate Production Scientist at Sigma Aldrich
Angie (Crowe) Hwang

B.S. Applied Mathematics (Business Application), M.S. Mathematics Education
Internal Marketing Manager at MRCT Benefits Plus

Mark Kurtz B.S. Applied Mathematics (Science Application) and finishing B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Dual Degree) and will be working toward M.S. in Robotics Student at Washington University
Amanda Macklin B.S. Biology
Account Manager/Technical Sales Consultant at Dynalabs
John Marentette B.S. Biology
Ph.D. candidate in Pathology at St. Louis University
Meaghan Effan Ong B.S. Applied Mathematics (Business Application)
Currently completing M.S. in Actuarial Science
Director of Institutional Research at Harris Stowe
Laura (Swartstrom) Post B.S. Management Information Systems
Infrastructure Field Support Technician at OP12IT Consulting
Larry Spears B.S. Biology, Ph.D. Biology
Post-doctoral Fellow at Washington University