Where am I?

T.J. Eggleston

"One should consider Fontbonne University if he or she is excited about making the most of his or her college experience. Fontbonne allows a student to be as involved as the student wants to be. Fontbonne allows students to make connections with professors and fellow students that lead to their future careers."

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Where I’m From

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
High School: St. Louis University High School (SLUH)
College: Fontbonne University

Music: Billy Joel is my all-time favorite artist, but I listen to nearly everything
Book: Sixty Feet, Six Inches by Hall of Famers Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson
Movie: Little Big League
TV Show: Seinfeld
Sport or Team: Baseball is the best sport in the world and so are my St. Louis Cardinals
Hobby: Singing, listening to music, watching baseball
Where I Go in St. Louis for…

Food: Joey B’s, Helen Fitzgerald’s, or any place On the Hill
A Sugar Fix: Crown Candy
Concerts: the free concerts live on the Levy
Weekend Fun: The St. Louis Zoo, Busch Stadium, or to a tennis court
If I wasn’t an admissions counselor at Fontbonne, I would be:

Working for the St. Louis Cardinals