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Sanford Brown College


Fontbonne University has entered into an agreement with Sanford Brown College to accept courses that are equivalent to courses offered at Fontbonne University. The courses listed below have been reviewed and evaluated by the appropriate departments. Therefore, all other courses that are not listed will be accepted as "elective credits." A maximum of 64 (semester) credit hours may be transferred from Sanford Brown College

To pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, students must complete Fontbonne University General Education Requirements which is comprised 42 credit hours. The General Education Requirements at Fontbonne University provide students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills that help to define an education individual. Fontbonne is committed to the liberal arts perspective permeates all courses of study. Please see page two for the list of courses required to complete this block. Highlighted courses listed below could satisfy the General Education Requirements. Other requirements are listed on the second page.




ACA 100 Financial Accounting I
BUS 205 Financial Accounting I

AND  ACA 102 Financial Accounting II

BUS 205 Financial Accounting I

ACA 103 Financial Accounting III

BUS 206 Financial Accounting II

ACA 104 Managerial Accounting

BUS 207 Managerial Accounting II

BIO 150 Introduction to Microbiology

BIO 203 Microbiology w/Lab

BUS 150 Excel

CIS 110 Microcomputer Applications: Spreadsheets

BUS 160 Access

CIS 111 Microcomputer Applications: Database

BUS 202 Business Communication

ENG 201 Business Writing

CHM 101 Introduction to Chemistry

CHM 102/103 Essentials of Chemistry w/Lab

COM 151 Interpersonal Communication

COM 103 Interpersonal Communication

CSS 100 Introduction to Computers

CIS 100 Computers Technology: Issues & Applications

CSS 108 Database Fundamentals

CIS 330 Database Management System

CSS 118 Web Applications AND CSS 119 Advanced Web

CIS 394 Topics in Computer Science

CSS 131 C++ (B grade or better is required)

CIS 160 Computer Science I

CSS 170 Visual Basic I

CIS 170 Visual Programming

ENG 101 English I

ENG 101 Writing I (Author & Audience)

ENG 102 English II

ENG 102 Writing II (Writing in the Public Sphere)

FM 100 Introduction to Fashion Merchandising

HES 107  The Fashion Industry

HUM 171 American Literature

ENG 240 Survey of English Literature

MGMT Small Business Management

BUS 362 Small Business & Entrepreneurship (Bus. Elective)

MGT 110 Organizational Behavior

BUS 310 Organizational Behavior

MGT 210 Business Ethics

PHL 221 Business Ethics

MGT 215 Managerial Principles

BUS 207 Managerial Accounting

MGT 225 Production and Operations Management

BUS 387 Production/Operations Management

MKT 200 Introduction to Marketing

BUS 233 Marketing Principles

MTH 101 College Mathematics

MTH 103 Excursions into Modern Math

PLS 120 Business Law

BUS 241 Business Law I

PSY 101 Psychology

PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology

PSY 110 Human Growth and Development

PSY 200 Developmental Psychology

SOC 101 Sociology

SPC 100 Survey of Sociology

General Education Requirements listed below:

 Writing Communications (6 credits)
Speech Communication (3 credits)
Mathematics (3-4 credits)
Valuing (3 credits)
Specialized Valuing (3 credits)
Philosophy (3 credits)
History (3 credits)
Human Behavior (3 credits)
American Government or U.S. & MO Constitutions (1-3 credits)
Literature (3 credits)
Fine Arts (3 credits)
Life and Physical Sciences (3-4 credits w/lab components)
Information Literacy (1 credit)
Computers Information Systems (3 credits)