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Why Tableaux?

You might be wondering about the name of the magazine. In a nod to the heritage of our founders — the Sisters of St. Joseph, who originally traveled to America from Lyon, France — we began looking at French words that could work as the name of a magazine … and weren’t too hard to pronounce! Hence tableaux, which means “a vivid or graphic description,” or “a striking scene.”

Through Tableaux, we strive to paint a picture of the people who make Fontbonne a great university: faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends and donors — all those who contribute to the fabric that is the Fontbonne community. Each issue we bring you stories that illustrate where Fontbonne is — and where we’re going.

To submit story ideas, or comment on this publication, send a note to Elizabeth Brennan, Tableaux editor, at

Winter/Spring 2017: Featured Articles

  • A Decade — A Difference

    A Decade — A Difference

    In 10 years, the Fontbonne Community Connection has contributed more than $700,000 to 126 projects on Fontbonne’s campus and beyond.

  • Creating Unity on Campus

    Creating Unity on Campus

    A group of students, faculty and staff, prompted by national division, hope to foster a spirit of community.

  • Meet the Dean

    Meet the Dean

    Dr. Adam Weyhaupt loves math, hiking and sushi. And he has a passion for the liberal arts — and Fontbonne!

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