July 25, 2016 — The summer of 2016 has spawned a wave of violence that has been sad, tragic, shocking and frightening. During this time, a group of Fontbonne faculty, staff, and students gathered informally to discuss how these events shape our feelings of safety and belonging. Several initiatives emerged from these discussions. Among them are the video featured on this page, a letter to students, and a list of staff and faculty who are available to talk to any student about anything, but especially about concerns that relate to race or racism, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disabilities, allyship, or general feelings of safety and belonging.



A letter to our students

Dear Students,

We at Fontbonne are so glad that you are here and hope that you consider our campus as a second home. That priority is even greater for our community after a summer in which we witnessed so many painful events in the wider world. We want to ensure that Fontbonne is free of the kinds of prejudice and violence that have haunted us in recent months. We can’t be a home for all of our students until each one feels safe, welcomed, and valued.

Over the summer, a small group of faculty, staff, and students met to consider how we could best ensure that all students know they belong here—especially for those who might doubt it. Several faculty and staff offered themselves as resources for students who might need a place to talk about tough issues like race and racism, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or gender identity, or disability status. If at any time in your Fontbonne career, you feel the need for support from faculty or staff on these issues, please feel confident emailing, calling, or visiting the offices of the following faculty and staff members, each of whom has some form of experience with or commitment to these issues—some personal, some professional. They will be happy to hear from you, to guide you to resources, or just to listen.

It is important to note that the people on this list are not trained counselors; please, if you ever feel a need for counseling, contact Claudia Charles, PhD, LCSW, in the Department of Counseling and Wellness at ccharles@fontbonne.edu or 889-1434. Counseling is available for all Fontbonne University students and is confidential.

Please note that an asterisk next to the name in each category has an official role on campus that relates to this issue. Also, if you have any concerns about legal discrimination on the basis of any of these categories, you can contact Gary Zack (Ryan 302, 719-8017, gzack@fontbonne.edu) or Kevin Pelzel (Library 203, 719-3627, kpelzel@fontbonne.edu), our Title IX coordinators.

We also have a list of STARS peer listeners, classmates of yours who have had some training on listening and helping to connect students to other resources on campus.

This list of faculty and staff is by no means comprehensive; many others who are not listed here are excellent listeners and have extensive experience supporting students from all backgrounds. Over the course of the year, we plan to expand this list to include others who were not a part of our summer conversations but are no less committed to welcoming and supporting every student. Nonetheless, we wanted you to know at least a few names on day one.

Lastly, I encourage you to watch a VIDEO message from some of our faculty and staff. We are here for you.


Corinne Wohlford
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs



A list of faculty & staff resources



Who Are the STARS?

STARS stands for Students Thinking and Acting Responsibly and Safely. They are peer counselors who have training on mental health awareness. These students are aware of resources on campus to connect other Fontbonne students. They are an ear for students to talk.

Here are the STARS Peer Listeners

Brian Nguyen
St. Louis, Missouri
Lacrosse, STARS, FCA
Engineering Major

Michael Picciolo
Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Lacrosse, STARS, FCA
Biology Major

Caitlin Feldman
Creve Coeur, Missouri
Early Childhood Special-Education Major

Wendy Voyer
St. Louis, Missouri
Healthy Ed. & Promotion Major

Marissa Moore
Florissant, Missouri
FAB, STARS, BSU, Student Alumni, Enactus
Dietetics Major

Maddie Redohl
Fenton, MO
Soccer, STARS, FCA, SAAC, Alpha Lamda Delta
Psychology Major

Aimee Cunningham
St. Louis, MO
Senior/Seeking 2nd Degree
Dietetics Major

Jacob Lendy
Chicago, Ill
WING, Volleyball, FCA, SAAC, Alpha Lamda Delta, Campus Ministry
Speech Pathology Major

Stephen Lendy
Chicago, Ill
WING, Volleyball, FCA, Alpha Lamda Delta, Campus Ministry
Elementary/Special Edu Major