Prospective Students

Whether it’s discovering your ideal major, engaging you in the First-Year Career Foundations Program, or connecting you to a job on campus, the Career Development office at Fontbonne University wants to help incoming freshman and transfer students develop career interests and prepare for success!

Career Opportunities

“What Can I Do with My Fontbonne Major?”

Fontbonne University educates leaders to serve a world in need. Check out the Careers & Majors webpage to find out what career opportunities our Fontbonne Alumni have found. Research the possibilities available to you with your interests, and connect early with the career development office to help you prepare for your future!

Engaging First-Year Students

National Award-Winning First-Year Career Foundations Program

Our mandatory First-Year Career Foundations (FCF) Program is a key component of Fontbonne’s ‘Education Focused on You’ approach to your college experience. It is designed to help you get connected, be career ready, and make realistic and satisfying choices about career goals and academic majors in an ever-changing job market. For more information, click here.


Federal and non-federal work-study positions are available on campus for full-time or part-time students. Check Purple Briefcase for openings. Purple Briefcase will also be your resource for internships, part-time jobs, and full time jobs.

The Financial Aid office can help you determine your eligibility. For more information, visit the financial aid office or talk to your financial aid officer.