Program Description

The Women Mentoring Women (WMW) program is made up of three “phases”.  Each phase acts as an individual unit, but also a building block to the next level, therefore after the completion of one phase participating women will be recognized for their efforts and achievements and then faced with the decision of whether or not to continue in the program.  Phases will last one semester each, and students have the choice to continue through the series in three consecutive semesters or to “take-off” time in-between phases (for example a semester abroad, or a particularly difficult academic semester).

Program Participants

The WMW groups consist of approximately 10-15 women.  This size allows for diversity in the group, but is small enough to provide the sense of community and intimacy that is necessary for WMW to run successfully.  Participating women are chosen through an application process that will take place each semester.

Learning Outcomes

Through participation in the WMW program, women participants will:

  • Develop new skills in communication, listening, consensus-building, negotiating, decision-making, sharing responsibility, creating and implementing action plans
  • Increase self-awareness, confidence, and self-esteem
  • Embrace diversity and demonstrate respect and tolerance for others
  • Increase commitment to the gender norm shift in favor of gender equality
  • Build relationships with women both within and beyond Fontbonne
  • Apply leadership skills in the families, workplaces, communities, and societies
  • Increase involvement in family, professional, community, and societal spheres

Program Structure

The WMW program will consist of three phases or parts. Each phase will last one semester.

  • PHASE 1: Personal and Leadership Development Meetings
  • PHASE 2: Community Mentors and Monthly Phase Meetings
  • PHASE 3: ‘Little Sis’ Mentors and Phase 1 Facilitation

PHASE 1: Personal and Leadership Development Meetings

The first phase of the program consists of a cohort of women that will be twice a month. Each meeting will consist of either a personal development or leadership development topic focused on building new skills and self-confidence.


This phase will focus on aligning women participants with community mentors. Each month, the women will meet with each other to discuss and reflect on a designated topic. Within that same month, women will then meet with their assigned community mentor to discuss their personal experience centered on the topic that month.


The final phase of the program will focus on women participants giving back. Each Phase 3 participant will be assigned a ‘Little Sis’ from the Phase 1 participants that they will meet with monthly. Additionally, Phase 3 participants will be asked to co-facilitate at least one of the bi-monthly meetings for the Phase 1 cohort.

Important Dates


*All meetings are at 6:30pm

For more information contact:

Janelle Julian, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs


Meredith Amelotti, Student Coordinator