First-Year Student Fall Orientation

Welcome to Fontbonne University – Home of Griffin Nation!

Fall Orientation is one of the most exciting parts of any New Griffin’s Fontbonne Experience and we cannot wait to share it with you!  All first-year students will be automatically registered for Fall Orientation and paired with a set of WING Leaders that will help guide the students through their orientation experience.

The WING Leaders are upperclassmen that have been trained to assist you as you seamlessly transition to Fontbonne University and become a part of Griffin Nation.

Throughout Fall Orientation, New Griffins will be provided with plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle with fellow classmates, will experience campus customs and traditions, and will begin connecting with various staff, faculty, and administration.  Plus, the WING Leaders will have planned tons of fun and exciting games, activities, and team builders aimed to prepare all New Griffins for the first day of class and beyond.

Be sure to check out the pages linked below to better understand what Fall Orientation entails.  We look forward to seeing you in August!

Contact Us

Questions about orientation? Need special accommodations? Get in touch with Joel Hermann, Associate Director for the Center of Leadership and Community Engagement at