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Nearly 300 students appear on Fontbonne University’s fall 2017 dean’s list.

“At Fontbonne, we value quality in all that we do, and we are proud to recognize the academic achievements of those students whose work has been acknowledged as high quality by our faculty,” said Dr. Carey Adams, vice president for academic affairs.

The following full-time undergraduate students earned a grade-point average of 3.7 or higher upon completion of the 2017 fall semester.

Ahearn, Colleen Sean
Alberici, Jordan John
Alghamdi, Fatimah Saleh
Almakki, Sarah S.
Almalki, Waleed
Almansour, Zakaria
Amelotti, Meredith Anne
Andes, Emily Shea
Arens, Josephine Marie
Arens, Lauren Elizabeth
Armbrust, Haileigh R.
Arnold, Judith A
Artelt, Lauren Elizabeth
Bahr, Josephine Grace
Baker, Caroline Cristine
Baker, Tristan Luther
Bakhreibah, Radwan
Bass, Erin Christine
Bates, Julie Lynn
Bauman, Sarah Marie
Baur, Claire Marie
Baur, Emilie Therese
Bay, Emily Nicole
Beck, Karley BobbiAnn
Beckett, Alexander Joseph
Beers, Mary Catherine
Bender, Kathryn Grace
Berkery, Brendan John
Berkowitz, Meredith Frances
Bishop, Abigail Marie
Boeving, Samantha Marie
Bondo, Museka
Boone, Jillian G.
Borgerding, Sarah Kathryn
Brennan, Michael Paul
Broekelmann, Jacqueline Marie
Broekelmann, Madeline Anne
Brown, Lauren Elizabeth
Buffington, Jenifer Michelle
Burton, LaToucha R.
Bushdiecker, Jackson B.
Cadieux, Julianne Marie
Caito, Jenee Michelle
Callahan, Shelby Nicole
Cameron, Alyssa Jane
Cameron, Grace Elizabeth
Camp, Megan Marie
Cange, Lorraine E.
Caruso, Daniele Christine
Castro, Andres Damian
Celestine, Nathan Winston
Christiansen, Danielle Marie
Commean, Hannah Christine
Concagh, Meghan M
Conroy, Patrick Satchel
Conway, AnnaGrace D
Corzine, Lillian M
Cracchiolo, Hannah Clare
Crane, Noland Ivan
Cressey, Mary Elizabeth
Cruthis, Sophia Elizabeth
Cunningham, Kayley Mariah
Curtice, Victoria Lee
Daniel, Mackenze Mae
Davis, Kasey Leigh
Davis, Kelly Anne
Davis, Mariah Ashley
Diffey, Lucas Michael
Dill, Chelsea Ann
Dobbs, Braeden C
Dollard, Jessica Michelle
Donnelly, Maggie Nicole
Downey, Claire Elizabeth
Dunn, Shirley Michelle
Dusanowsky, Daniel Joseph
Eason, Kristina Eileen
Ecker, Lucie Jayne
Edler, Jared Anthony
Edmundson, Hannah Marie
Emily, Stefanie Nicole
Engel, Brian Joseph
Engel, Jonathan Stephen
Erdal, Katlin Ireland
Fang, Zhou
Farquhar, Madaline Grace
Farrah, Stephanie Kathryn
Fazio, Jamie Lauren
Feltner, Gabrielle Marie
Fischer, Sydney Alice
Ford, Claire Victoria
Fox, Allison Katherine
Franke, Zachary Allan
Gal, Alexandra Louise
Garth, Amanda Louise
Geisz, Lauren Abigail
Goestenkors, Nathan Robert
Goodfellow, Haley Nichole
Gosser, Colleen Elizabeth
Gosser, Katherine Marie
Gotsch, Rachel Marie
Graf, Meghan Adrianne
Grant, Austin
Graves, Aliyah Janee’
Green, Jennifer Elizabeth
Griffith, Zackary Duane
Grill, Samantha Lynn
Grimes, Tyler Andrew
Grote, Gabriel Thomas
Guffey, Riley Elizabeth
Ha, Dung Quoc
Hadley, John Wesley-Alan
Haley, Emily Anne
Hamann, Ashley Nicole
Hamilton, Brittany Leigh
Hanewinkel, Brittany Gerianne
Hannibal, Stephen Gerard
Hardesty, Christina Louise
Hardwrict, Elouise Rosemary
Harris, Victoria Michelle
Hart, Lorelei Grace
Heffner, Tricia Jean
Hensley, Jessica Lynn
Hewage, Sarini Dileka
Hilt, Shirlene Ray
Hood, Thomas Riley
Hotop, Isabel Raye
Householder, Hannah Ruth
Huffman, Ryan Nicholas
Jimenez, Sarah Ashlyn
Kato, Aki
Kavanaugh, Clare Therese
Kavanaugh, Katherine Rose
Kavanaugh, Maria Magdalene
Keeven, David Francis
Kelpe, Anna Leigh
Kenny, Nicholas Joseph
Kent, Mercedes Marie
Kerr, Bonnie Grace
Kinnikin, Kelli Lynn
Kitchen, Sarah Louise
Klein, Emily Jane
Klein, Linsey M.
Kliethermes, Hanah Jo
Kloeckl, Hannah Elizabeth
Klusman, Mark Andrew
Knickmeyer, Laura Terese
Kottmeyer, Rebekah Hays
Kruse, Alleigh Marie
Kudic, Nerma
Kuntz, Robyn Michelle_Lee
Lai, Quynh
Lange, Brett James
Lankford, Cole Tristan
Lawrence, Rebecca Ann
Lawton, Allison Claire
Leaks, Rosalind Michelle
Lee, Kerri Kathleen
Lendy, Jacob Paul
Lendy, Stephen Salvatore
Leonberger, Mandi Elizabeth
Lewis, Chelcie Alexandra
Li, Chengru
Littrell, Jaemi Danyelle
Lloyd, Evan Monachello
Luhmann, Anna Elizabeth
Luu, Thanh Tin
Maddock, Carolyn Michelle
Mafuli, Elaine
Marino, Amanda Rae
Maschmeyer, Catherine Mary
McCulley, Rachel Anne
McDonough, Kersten Michelle
McKenzie, Megan
Mehmedovic, Dzenana
Melton, Melissa Noel
Mense, Michaela Rose
Meyer, Cecelia Philomena
Meyer, Kelly Michelle
Minzer, Christina Ann
Mitulski, Emily Marie
Mitulski, Jessica Ann
Modglin, Emelia Rose
Morrison, Paul Joseph
Mraz, Hannah Rose
Mueller, Jacob Thomas
Mueller, Natalie Rae
Murphy, Lillian Claire
Murphy, Morgan Amanda
Murray, Emily Marie
Neff, Adam Michael
Nguyen, Anh K.
Nguyen, Kim Van
Nguyen, Thao Tuong Thai
Norman, Staci Elizabeth
Olson, Steven Andrew
Otte, Robert L.
Ottens, Bethany Amber
Owen, Bonita Lane
Papa, Mallory Marie
Pashia, Jacqueline Marie
Pate, Jacey Lee
Patel, Puja Ramesh
Pelker, Zackary Michael
Pemberton, Megan Jennifer
Perry, Leah N.
Phan, Minh Nhat
Piontek, Kelly Ann
Pokorny, Alexandria Ann
Proffer, Mallory Blake
Prospero, Anthony Matthew
Pruden, John William
Puckett Jr., Michael Anthony
Ratay, Madison Christine
Ray, Molly McCloskey
Ray, Veronica Suzanne
Rechtien, Elizabeth Anne
Reddy, Emma Josephine
Redohl, Madeline Marie
Reeves, Danae
Regna, Alyssa Rae
Rhoads, Sarah Paisley
Ridenhour, Zachary Adam
Ringstad, Karly
Ritter, Thomas Glen
Robbins, McKinley Alexia
Romero, Monica Elena
Rose, Tayler Marie
Rosemann, Courtney Marie
Rudin, Benjamin Kraig
Rynders, Victoria Anne
Sample, Rachel Ann
Sanchez Seleme, Alfonso
Santoyo, Andrew Michael
Saur, Christina Lynn
Schaefering, Darby Nicole
Schaller, Megan Luan
Scheer, Maguire D
Schimmelpfennig, Ashley Michele
Schneringer, Holly Amanda
Schraut, Sarah Lynn
Schuckmann, Sarah Elizabeth
Schulte, David Allen
Seiz, Emma Nicol
Sheldon, Kayla Beth
Shelley, Nicole E.
Smith, Andrew Tyler
Smith, Leann Marie
Snider, Molly Gabrielle
Stafford, Rylee Payton
Stanojevic, Sasa
Stare, Jennie Adams
Steen, Holly N.
Stoecklin, Lucy Elizabeth
Strickland, Madeline Marie
Summers, Julie Marie
Summers, Lucas Vernon
Tague, Madalyn Leigh
Terrell, Fannie White
Thomas, Toni M.
Thompson, Alexandra Lee
Thorngren, Katie Sara
Tkacz, Anna Marie
Tockstein, Erica Fern
Tolan, Devon James
Tossick, Matthew William
Tregoning, Amelia Grace
Ulrich, Sean Michael
Ung, Jane Quoc
Urban, Jennifer Joyce
Vandervort, Madeleine Anne
Vreibel, Sarah Marie
Wacha, Brian M.
Wahl, Jenna Marie
Walsh, Kelly Dawn
Warner, Olivia L.
Weaver, Ellen Catherine
Weber, Bailey Alexander
Weinhold, Madison Ann
Wendt, Meredith Lee
Whitaker, Anna Grace
Wideman, Carissa Marie
Wideman, Chelsea Dena
Wilke, Elizabeth Ann
Wilkins, Jessie K.
Williams, Breia Q
Williams, Jayne Michelle
Williams, Jessica Diane
Winkler, Kayla Rose
Winters, Mikayla Anne
Wisniewski, Blake Michael
Woodcock, Jared William
Woods, Jaci Lynn
Woolsey, Braden Michael
Worley, Elecia Marie
Yang, Xu Dave
Yates, Hayden Edward
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