Quiet Floor Agreement

Quiet Floor Agreement

The Medaille Mezzanine and Second Floor have been designated as quiet floors for the academic school year. It is the intent of this agreement to outline the appropriate behavior for living on these floors. If, after reading this agreement, you feel that you are incapable of following the guidelines listed below, contact a Residential Life staff member.

Each resident living on these floors will be responsible for maintaining the rules found in both the Residence Hall and Student Handbooks. If the resident is unable to live within the rules, they will be removed from the floor.

Traditional age students should realize that it is a privilege to reside on these floors. The guidelines established must be followed to retain this privilege.

The floor, including the lobby area, will maintain 24 hour quiet. No noise should be distinguishable in the hallways.

Each resident will be responsible for his/her guest's behavior.

After three (3) verbal warnings and one (1) written warning, the resident will be moved to any available space in St. Joseph or Medaille Halls. If no space is available during the current semester, the move will occur the next semester.

If moved during the term, the student is still responsible for the payment of their original residential obligation.

If moved off the floor, the student must exhibit a change in attitude before they may be allowed to return to the floor.

Failure to sign and return this contract to Residential Life will void your assignment to this floor.

I, after reading this agreement, agree to abide by its terms. I realize that failure to follow the quiet floor guidelines may result in my being removed from the floor for the remainder of the semester, and not allowed to return to the floor for the rest of the academic school year.

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