Student Behavior- Alcohol Agreement

Student Behavior- Alcohol Agreement

The Missouri law concerning liquor will be upheld at all times.

1. Beer kegs are not allowed in on or off campus sponsored housing.

2. St. Joseph Hall aspires to be an alcohol free building. No alcohol is permitted in the building.

3. Students who are not of legal drinking age (21 years) are not permitted to possess or consume alcohol in the residence halls or to be under the influence of alcohol in on or off campus sponsored housing.

4. No alcoholic beverages may be sold or furnished to persons under the legal age of 21.

5. The display of alcohol containers, empty or full, for the purpose of decoration or exhibition is prohibited in any campus sponsored housing where underage students reside.

6. Those students who are of legal drinking age may bring alcoholic beverages into Cotta, Medaille and Southwest Halls only in covered, non-transparent packages.

7. Residents who are of legal drinking age may consume alcohol only in their rooms / apartments, with the door closed and not with underage persons present.

8. No alcohol, whether in open or unopened containers, is permitted in the lounges, hallways, or other public areas in on or off campus sponsored housing.

9. Irresponsible use of alcohol resulting in public intoxication, disorderly conduct or vandalism may result in disciplinary action being taken.

10. Intoxicated residents may be prohibited from escorting guests into on or off campus sponsored housing. Additionally, intoxicated visitors may not be permitted in on or off campus sponsored housing.

11. Should you be found in a room where the University’s policy on alcohol is being violated, you will be subject to disciplinary action regardless of age.

12. It is an expectation that the R.A., staff and public safety personnel will enforce these guidelines.

13. Residents 21 years old living in Southwest or Cotta Hall have the responsibility to keep alcohol containers in their bedrooms when sharing the apartment with a student under the age of 21.

14. Guests are expected to follow the University’s alcohol policy when visiting on or off campus sponsored housing facilities

Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in one or more of the following disciplinary actions: Education program, discretionary service, minimum monetary fine of $50.00, loss of privilege, restitution, notification of parent, social probation, residential life probation, and/or residential life dismissal.

Please acknowledge that you have read and understand the above policy with your signature below. This copy will be kept in your Residential Life file.


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