Community Agreement

Community Agreement

I agree to abide by the following guidelines. I understand that in order for my floor to be a community every resident must respect the rights of others and follow the set rules and regulations.

1. I agree to treat others with respect and courtesy. I realize that this is home to approximately 40 to 50 other persons.

2. I agree to be open and honest in my communications with other residents. This includes confronting policy violations or infringements on my and others personal rights in a polite manner. In turn, I agree to abide by the requests of others.

3. I agree to have a positive attitude toward living on my floor. I realize that only with this attitude will the floor be a pleasant place to live.

4. I realize that all residents have a right to expect an environment conducive to sleep and study as well as socialization. Common courtesy hours should always be followed. Noise should never be so excessively loud that someone cannot study, and noise levels should always be adjusted to lower volume when reasonably requested.

Residence Hall Quiet Hours: Sunday – Thursday 10:00 pm to 10:00 am Friday – Saturday Midnight to 10:00 am (unless living on a quiet floor- see quiet floor agreement)

5. I understand that the University enforces a Common Area Damage Policy. This policy states that all damages to common areas will be assessed to students on the floor and or building if the individual(s) responsible cannot be identified.

6. I agree to support and assist in the enforcement of all university and residence hall policies. I understand that the policies are set in order to facilitate a safe, orderly and supportive environment.


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