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COVID Response

Important Information for Returning to Campus

Here are some important things you will need to know as you return to campus for the 2021-22 academic year:

In accordance with new CDC guidance for institutions of higher education, Fontbonne University will implement the following:

Mandatory COVID Testing Effective January 2022

REQUIRED TO RETURN TO CAMPUS, FOLLOWED BY WEEKLY TESTING: Anyone who will be on campus who has not completed the vaccine status form and/or who is unvaccinated is now required to complete weekly COVID testing (once per week between Sunday – Saturday).

Tests may be accessed from our campus nurse or you may provide test results dated within 72 hours of return to campus

STUDENT COVID test results may be uploaded here.

EMPLOYEE COVID test results may be uploaded here.

On-Campus Testing

Given the supply chain limitations of rapid tests available and the amount of documentation tracking and reporting required for each test administered on campus, we are currently only able to offer on-campus testing for those required to test per our campus policy. Our policy requires all unvaccinated students and employees and those who have not already submitted their vaccine card to the vaccine status form to provide COVID test results once per week. Until further notice, we will not be able to administer COVID tests to vaccinated individuals unless recommended by campus officials.  

We will have limited hours available on campus for COVID testing on a first-come first-served basis. You are not required to test on campus and may also choose to take a COVID test in the community at any available testing facility. For options near you, please see testing site locations here for information on free available test sites near you.

Below please find drop-in hours for on-campus COVID testing beginning the week of January 3, 2022. Hours will be updated for subsequent weeks and will be posted along with other COVID safety information on this page.

  • Tuesday4/2610:00AM -11:00AM@ Ryan 103
  • Friday4/2910:00AM-11:00AM@ Ryan 103

** If these COVID-19 testing hours do not work for you there is a COVID testing kiosk in the lot behind St. Joe’s. They are by appointment only- appointments can be made at

Their hours are Monday-Friday 9AM to 4PM. *

As a reminder, those who do not comply with this requirement will be referred to student conduct. Employee noncompliance will be handled in accordance with Fontbonne’s workplace discipline policy and will include progressive sanctions up through termination. Per CDC guidelines, students or employees who tested positive within the last 90 days should not test but will be asked to provide the date of their last positive test.

For options near you, please see testing site locations here for information on free available test sites near you.

Masks will be optional in most indoor campus spaces such as the Dunham Student Activity Center, University Housing & Dining locations, the AMC and common areas of the Taylor Library. Individuals should have a face-covering available and are expected to wear one in a private office or living space when requested by the occupant. 


Our policies to indicate that facemasks will continue to be required in the following: 

  • Instructional spaces during in-person classes and laboratory spaces at the discretion of the faculty
  • Healthcare settings including the Campus Nurse, Counseling Services, Speech-Language Clinic, etc. 
  • COVID testing locations 
  • Some large events as dictated by contracts for speakers, performers, or as otherwise specified by the University 

We may need to require masks again in the future if the situation changes.  Such action would be a normal response to changing conditions, not an anomaly. 

  • All available scientific evidence continues to indicate that the vaccine and booster shots provide significant protection against severe illness and death.  We strongly encourage anyone who is eligible to get the FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots.
    Students should upload their proof of vaccination
    Employees should upload their proof of vaccination here.
  • In the event that contact tracing occurs, all those without verified proof of vaccination will be treated as unvaccinated individuals until otherwise confirmed. Your personal vaccination status will only be made known to the Director of Human Resources and to contact tracers. 

All employees who have tested positive for COVID, have symptoms, or are a close contact of a positive case should contact HR.  regardless of vaccination status.

All students who have tested positive for COVID, have symptoms, or are a close contact of a positive case should complete this self-reporting form  regardless of vaccination status, when:

  • You have been tested for COVID-19, with or without symptoms 
  • You have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been given a diagnosis of presumed positive by a health professional
  • You have symptoms, but not yet tested positive for COVID-19
  • You have had a CLOSE contact with an individual who has been tested and diagnosed with COVID-19

If you are sick or have been exposed to COVID-19:

  • Stay Home. Do not come to campus at any time, for any reason. Students living in University Housing should not leave their personal living space.  
  • Please notify faculty that you are unable to attend face-to-face coursework.
  • If you hold a student employment position, please notify your campus employer that you are unable to report to work.
  • If you are a student athlete, please notify your coach that you are unable to report to practice or games.
  • You will soon be contacted by a member of the Student Affairs team who will guide you through the next steps.
  • We will return to instruction at approximately 75% capacity and resume face-to-face instruction and full staffing levels in all campus offices, effective Monday, January 31, 2022. While COVID levels remain high, campus mitigation measures can be effective in helping to return to normal procedures.
  • Most rooms will have some available space for distancing. Masks will continue to be required in classrooms at all times.
  • We will utilize a structured seating approach in most classrooms that will include seating charts to assist with contact tracing efforts if needed. Faculty will provide additional information on the first day of class.
  • Students who have underlying health conditions that put them at risk from COVID-19 and who have not been vaccinated may request accommodations by contacting Regina Wade Johnson, Director of the Kinkel Center. 
  • If you currently live on-campus and self-identify as someone at high risk for complications from COVID-19, please contact Janelle Julian, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs to discuss options for potential mitigation strategies.  
  • We will be offering only standard single and double rooms or suites this fall. Students will not be housed in triples or quad rooms.  
  • Residential students will be permitted to visit one another within the residential community, but no additional outside guests will be permitted at this time, including non-residential Fontbonne students.
  • Capacity limits will still be in effect that permit a maximum of three people per room.
  • All campus COVID-19 guidelines, including mask-wearing, apply to all common spaces in the residential facilities.

On-Campus Dining

  • All campus eateries will be open for service during regular hours.No indoor dining will be available at this time. Residential students and employees on campus are encouraged to take their food back to their rooms or offices. See here for details. 
  • Ryan Hall Cafeteria will provide “grab and go” food. The Griffin Grill (in the DSAC) will also offer grab-and-go options as well as Grill menu items made to order.
  • The Fontbonne Coffee House (in the Library) will serve Starbucks coffee and snacks from their walk-up counter.  


Events and meetings: 

Currently, there are no restrictions on campus events. Community members are encouraged to follow COVID safety measures by encouraging masks and offering hand sanitizer and distanced seating when applicable.



Athletic competition will continue.

CDC Guidelines

When should I enter quarantine?

  • If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 and you are unvaccinated, or your Johnson & Johnson single dose shot was more than 2 months ago, or your Moderna or Pfizer second dose shot was more than 5 months ago, or you had COVID more than 3 months ago – you should quarantine for a minimum of 5 days from the date of the infectious person’s positive test.
    • If you develop symptoms at any point during your quarantine, you should get tested for COVID immediately.
      • If you test positive for COVID you will begin isolation for a minimum of 5 days from the date of your positive test.
    • If you are not experiencing any symptoms, you should get tested for COVID on or after the 5th day of quarantine.
      • If you test negative for COVID on or after the 5th day of quarantine, you can end your quarantine, and you will be required to wear a properly fitted mask around others at all times for the next 5 days.
    • If you are sick – you should quarantine immediately and get tested for COVID as soon as you are able.
      • If you test positive for COVID you will begin isolation for a minimum of 5 days from the date of your positive test.
      • If you test negative for COVID on or after the 5th day of quarantine, you can end your quarantine, and you will be required to wear a properly fitted mask around others at all times for the next 5 days.


When should I enter isolation?

  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 – you should isolate yourself for a minimum of 5 days from the date of your positive test.
    • If you continue to experience symptoms on or after the 5th day of isolation, you will need to remain in isolation for up to 5 additional days or until you are free of fever without the use of fever-reducing meditation and otherwise symptom-free.
    • If you have no symptoms on or after the 5th day of isolation, you can end your isolation, and you will be required to wear a properly fitted mask around others at all times for the next 5 days.

When can I be released from quarantine or isolation?

  • You may not leave quarantine or isolation and/or return to campus until you have been officially released by Student Affairs (students) or Human Resources (employees).
  • It is not an option to “test out” of quarantine or isolation prior to the 5th day, regardless of the type of test.
  • Although we are following the general guidelines outlined by the CDC, there may be some unique circumstances that require different instructions.
  • Guidance may change based on the available science and recommendations by public health officials.


What is considered a close contact?

  • The most common guideline for determining a close contact is when you have been within 6 feet of an infectious person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period.
  • There is also evidence that being farther than 6 feet from an infectious person could result in transmission of COVID-19, particularly when there is prolonged exposure (more than 15 minutes) to an infectious person, if they are engaged in increased exhalation (e.g. exercising, shouting, singing), and in an enclosed space with inadequate air handling.
  • Those who come into close contact with infectious individuals do not have to quarantine if you have gotten a booster shot, or if your Johnson & Johnson single dose shot was less than 2 months ago, or your Moderna or Pfizer second dose shot was less than 5 months ago, or if you tested positive for COVID-19 less than 3 months ago.

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