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CSJ Associate Info

Who are CSJ Associates?

Associates are women and men, married and single, who are called by God to commit to extending the mission and sharing the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet without becoming vowed members.

Associate membership has a long, rich history with the Sisters of St. Joseph, dating back to the founding of the congregation in France in 1650.  Individuals became spiritual companions and partners in service with the sisters while maintaining their own lifestyle as married, widowed or single persons.

With the second Vatican Council, the Sisters of St. Joseph went back to their roots and came to a deeper realization of the ways they share the heart of their mission -their charism of loving unity-with others.  Since 1974 the sisters of the St. Louis Province have invited others to deepen their baptismal call as CSJ Associates.

Today, almost 300 associates continue to bring the CSJ spirit to their jobs, parishes and families as they share their gifts in works of justice and peace, care for the poor and for the earth.



How do I become an Associate?

Women and men enter a candidacy process in which they experience the spirit of the congregation through relationships with sisters, associates and other candidates and by learning the history, spirituality and ministry of the community.  Associates emerge from the process more conscious of how to live in loving unity with self, with others, with creation and with the dear neighbor.

What does Association offer?

  • Support and challenge of a faith community

  • Opportunities for personal growth

  • Personal relationships with sisters and associates

  • Participation in retreats, days of prayer, celebrations and community meetings

  • Monthly gatherings in a samll community of sisters and associates

  • Invitations ot participate in local and national activities

  • Opportunites to serve the province in ministries and on committees

You may wish to explore association if...

  • You are seeking to engage in a deeper, more intentional spiritual journey with others who will support and challenge you.

  • You are looking for a faith community iwth whom to pray, minister and celebrate God's presence in life.

  • You desire to further soical justice, particularly on behalf of the economically poor and unjustly deprived.

  • You realize that life has a deeper meaning withn lived in the context of reflection, shared experience and meaningful service to all of God's people.




For further information, contact Peggy Maguire, CSJA at 314-678-0318 or pmaguire@csjsl.org.


Current CSJA Associates at Fontbonne University

Lucy Allen

Andra Gwydir

Rick Gwydir

Sharon Jackson

Kate Mennes

Debbie Phelps

Catherine Schodrowski

Mary Kay Sullivan