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Fontbonne University OPTIONS BSEM Degree Puts Entrepreneurs On the Right Track

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January, 2007

By Anne Shaw Heinrich for The Healthy Planet




Fontbonne OPTIONS student Maurice Young says hiscoursework has already helped him make some sound decisions regarding hisfledgling model management company.

"One of the things I've learned isthat you have to start out on a smaller scale, especially while you're learningthe ins and outs of the business," says Young. "The classes helped mepull in the reins a bit on my business, so I could go about everything theright way. I'll be more successful in the long run."

The 35-year-old St. Louis native isenrolled in the OPTIONS Bachelor of Science in Sports and EntertainmentManagement degree program (BSEM), which started its first class in August 2005.Young expects to finish in August 2007.

Young served in the United States AirForce for several years before reentering life as a civilian. He's aphotographer and started a modeling promotions company of his own.

"As aphotographer, it seemed like nobody really had the best interests of the modelsin mind," Young says.

He found himself starting a modeling managementcompany and says he'll feel even more prepared to make a go of it once hefinishes the BSEM.

An innovative business degree program, the BSEM provides abroad-based business foundation in sports and entertainment management, whileemphasizing industry-specific issues. The dual focus offers a wide range oftopics viewed from a business and management perspective. Throughout thecurriculum, skills are developed - including critical thinking, communication,and managerial skills - which are highly transferable to other industries, aswell. Classes are taught by professionals in the field, who navigate thecomplicated terrain of the sports and entertainment worlds.

"Being in theOPTIONS BSEM reinvigorated me," says Young, who also works forty hours aweek. "I know that I can do this. I'm just finding all of it veryinteresting."

As with all of the Fontbonne University OPTIONS programs,the BSEM is designed to accommodate the needs of busy working adults. Groupsconsist of about 15 to 20 career-minded men and women from a wide variety ofbackgrounds, providing a wealth of knowledge and backgrounds. Classes meet onthe same evening each week. Degree programs are accelerated and beginthroughout the year at several convenient locations: Clayton, South County,North County,Chesterfield and downtown St. Louis. For more information, call314-863-2220 or visit online at

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