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The Fontbonne Family - Literally

In an effort to find the Fontbonne family with the most Fontbonne graduates, we put the call out to alumni through our alumni magazine, The Link. From the responses received, it looks like both the Gunn and Diel families boast the most graduates with nine each. It’s quite impressive to imagine all the Fontbonne diplomas that must be displayed proudly in the houses of these two families.

Kay Gunn Martin, a special education major who graduated in 1955, wrote in to let us know about her family, which includes: Catherine Gunn Dye ’28, English, aunt; Loretto Hennelly Gunn ’29, history, mother; Donna Gunn, CSJ ’61, theater, sister; Maggie Gunn Fowler ’64, theater, sister; Bridget Gunn Calcaterra ’72, business administration, sister; Lee Hynek Gunn ’63, deaf education, sister-in-law; Kathy Toohey Gunn ’65, elementary education, sister-in-law; Jane Fowler Walsh ’96, business administration in OPTIONS, sister-in-law; and Mary Fowler ’61, who attended Fontbonne for two years, sister-in-law.

Marilyn Schmidt Diel, a deaf education major who graduated in 1965, let us know about her family, which includes: Carolyn Schmidt Holske ’66, deaf education, sister; Darlene Diel Wagner ’94, elementary education, daughter; John Diel ’95, business administration, son; Nathan Diel ’95 ’97, business administration and MBA, son; Norene Diel Mills ’98, communication studies, daughter; Margaret Schmidt, CSJ ’59, education, aunt; Eileen Madden Diel BS ’97, MS ’97, communication disorders, daughter-in-law; Joanne Eisele Schroeder ’61, home economics, cousin-in-law; Linda Anglo Diel, Deaconess nursing partnership, daughter-in-law.

Thanks to all alumni who contacted us. We value all alumni families — big and small!