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Fontbonne/KMOX Book Club Hosts U.N. Weapons Inspector

Saint Louis, MO - Charles Duelfer, former United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq, will discuss his book, "Hide and Seek: The Search for Truth in Iraq," during the April Fontbonne University/KMOX Book Club. The book club will take place Friday, April 17, from 9 - 11 a.m. in the Art Lounge on the main floor of the Missouri Athletic Club, 405 Washington Ave., downtown St. Louis.

The event is free, but reservations are required. Call 314-444-1827 or e-mail, leave a name and phone number, and reference the "April" book club to reserve a spot today.

Duelfer served as special advisor to the director of Central Intelligence for Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction, leading the Iraq Survey Group. Prior to this position, he was acting chairman of the UN Special Commission to Iraq from 1993-2000. "Hide and Seek" details his experiences preparing the ISG's final report, more commonly known as the Duelfer Report.

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