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Telling Stories and The Bigger Picture

JasonSommer: Jason Sommer
BenMoore: Dr. Ben Moore

Telling Stories

For Dr. Jason Sommer, words are as natural as breath. The sound of language intoxicated him from childhood on, quickly bubbling into his imagination and curiosity.

And because of this, it should be no surprise that he is Fontbonne's poet-in-residence and the 2008-2009 recipient of the Fontbonne Artist/Scholar Award.

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The Bigger Picture

Surrounded by books, papers, binders and memories, Dr. Ben Moore sits at his computer, scrolling intently through his latest research findings. He muses aloud at the cost to access online records and databases, but clearly, to him, the monetary price of this information is nothing compared to the benefits.

Moore, an associate professor of English and the chair of the Fontbonne English and communication department, is the 2009-2010 recipient of the Fontbonne Scholar/Artist Award.

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