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New Graduate Concentrations Address Growing Careers

ST. LOUIS — Fontbonne University has announced two new concentrations in its human environmental sciences (HES) graduate degree program, which will help professionals prepare for growing career fields.

Child and family studies, along with multidisciplinary health communication studies, focus on fields that help enrich the lives of others – individuals, families and communities – on a local or global scale.

“We prepare professionals who understand the complexities of family life by challenging students to address human needs intellectually, compassionately and with respect for the dignity of the human spirit,” said Dr. Janine Duncan, director of graduate programs in HES. “Our graduates transform lives by empowering people and strengthening families.”

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, growth will continue in careers specifically related to health promotion and communication. The need for qualified professionals to serve individuals and families will rise 19 percent over the next eight years. And job growth of 18 to 26 percent is expected in public relations, technical writing and editing, and health education.

Child and family studies promotes the concept of “capacity building,” which teaches students how to educate others to advocate for themselves. Multidisciplinary health communication studies hones communication skills so graduates can translate scientific research into consumer-friendly, culturally sensitive messages that help individuals lead healthier lifestyles.

Fontbonne’s HES degree provides graduates with a solid knowledge base and enhances leadership and advocacy skills so they can pursue a wide variety of careers within human services, corporate public relations, and the health and medical industries, according to Duncan.

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