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HELP Your Career – Enroll in Fontbonne University’s Programs for Busy Adults


When Deborah Williams decided an MBA would help expand her knowledge, she looked for a program that wouldn’t interfere with her full-time job or daily responsibilities. She did some research and came across Fontbonne University’s accelerated programs specifically designed for busy adults who want to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree.

“I was definitely busy, and I needed a program that was flexible and would allow me to earn my degree while keeping up with my full-time job,” Williams said. “The Fontbonne MBA allowed me to do that.”

When Williams began the MBA program, she found that her professors were knowledgeable and many still worked in fields related to the classes they taught. She enjoyed the variety of classes in the curriculum and now feels that she has a great foundation in business.

During Williams’ second year in the program, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of the small, personal class size, many of her fellow students had already become friends and acted as a support system during this difficult time. Williams was not deterred by her diagnosis – she was determined to continue on her path to earning an MBA.

“My friends and family could not understand how I could go through chemo, radiation, hair loss and the like and still continue going to class,” she said. “But my classmates and the faculty were supportive and helpful, and the flexibility of the program allowed me to figure out how to maintain my studies even with everything I was going through.”

Williams graduated with her MBA in 2006, and 2012 marks her seventh year cancer-free. She enjoyed her Fontbonne experience so much that when she decided to earn a third graduate degree, she enrolled at Fontbonne once again.  She is currently working toward a master’s in human environmental sciences where she has developed her passion for working with children and families. She is learning how she can practically apply that passion in her everyday life and, eventually, her career. Williams encourages other busy professionals to look into Fontbonne’s evening and online degree programs.

“I can confidently say that the Fontbonne curriculum helped me understand the business world around me, from economics to marketing to international business,” she said. “Getting an MBA is no easy task, but the Fontbonne faculty were always there to help, and I now feel I’m on the same level as other educated business professionals.”

The supportive nature of Fontbonne’s programs for adult learners starts as soon as a potential student inquires about the program. An advising team guides each person through the enrollment process, course scheduling and financial aid options that meet the student’s personal needs.

“Going back to school or starting college is a huge decision for many of our students,” said Linda Maurer, dean of Fontbonne’s Eckelkamp College of Global Business and Professional Studies. “Their lives are hectic; getting a degree shouldn’t add to the chaos. We’ve designed our evening and online programs so that students can have more control over the structure of their education, as well as their lives.”

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